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You May Now Be Seated

Deciding on all the details of your wedding day can be so exciting as you begin the wedding planning process! Determing your color scheme, your theme, the linen colors and floral designs can all feel like fun, but with so many decisions to make, it can start to feel daunting. That's where we come in!

We love helping couples with the tough choices, and one of the toughest ones we get asked about is assigned seating. Figuring out where to sit at a wedding can feel awkward for guests, but perhaps it feels like too much work for you. Below we've outlined the pros and cons of having a seating chart for your big day!

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Contain the Chaos

No seating chart doesn't necessarily mean no stress. Open seating plans can get chaotic! Assigned seating takes the guesswork out of it. By providing a seating chart, you can ensure that guests aren't scrambling to move chairs and find seats next to the people they know.

Stressing Out

Organizing the event seating is definitely no small task. Considering family disagreements and guest friendships can create extra stress on you while you're trying to plan everything else for your wedding day. Not only are you worrying about who will get along with who, you're also managing incoming (and even missing) RSVPs. Seating charts are definitely not for the faint of heart! But with enough focus (and maybe even a helping hand), you can do it!

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Smooth Operation

Seating charts can be a very helpful tool for your wedding day vendors! Photographers can reference them when trying to get photos of important family members (and wedding planners can use them to confirm guests are seated where they need to be). Additionally, your caterer can use them to confirm entree choices when bringing out dinner. Seating charts and place cards are extremely beneficial to vendors, and they're an excellent resource for everyone there!

Wedding Crashers

While we're all for preparing for the unexpected, we think it's best you provide a few extra place settings when getting ready for your wedding reception, especially if you don't have assigned seating. Any unannounced guests will need extra assistance when they arrive, but unassigned seating can make it slightly easier (and potentially less awkward) for late or unexpected arrivals, as they can choose any available seat and place settings can be easily added.

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We believe assigned seating can enhance your guest experience, and make sure everyone enjoys the night next to people they like. However, if you're looking for ways to cut down on wedding planning stress, foregoing the seating chart is definitely one task to consider cutting!

Want help deciding on what's best for your event? Contact us today!

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