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Venue vs Private Estate & Venue vs Wedding Coordinator: What Are They Really?

Have you ever wondered what the difference was between a venue and a private estate? How about venue vs wedding coordinator? Perhaps you’ve heard us mention private estate weddings across our social media pages and haven’t truly understood what that means. Maybe you’ve seen venue coordinators in your research for venues once you’ve already booked a wedding coordinator. This blog will help shed some light on the differences between a venue and a private estate wedding as well as between a venue coordinator and a wedding coordinator.

What Are They?

A venue is the location/place where you are getting married. Typically these are spaces designated primarily for events or weddings. Examples in the Richmond area include Mankin Mansion, Dover Hall, and Historic Whitewood. However, they can also be spaces that on occasion hold weddings and events or have designated areas within the building to hold events, like hotels. Some examples in the Richmond area include Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, Maymont, and Main Street Station.

Photo Credit: Michelle Renee Photography

A private estate is typically a personal residence of someone closely related to the couple that has agreed to lend their space for the wedding. Usually the private estate sits on a large property to accommodate plenty of guests. A private estate can be classified as a venue as it is the location where you are getting married however it differs in regards to what is offered at the specific site. 

Photo Credit: Paul Harrison Photography

Venue Coordinators - These are coordinators who work directly for the venue itself to schedule events and oversee the follow through of events and the venue’s details. They may be able to offer a list of preferred vendors (vendors they have worked with before that have a good quality of work). 

Wedding Coordinators - These are coordinators who work exclusively for you to help with vendor management and make sure you are taken care of. They suggest vendors within your budget and who fits your style. Coordinators help set up your decor on the day of, ensure that your vision is brought to life, and that the timeline is being followed based on what you envision for your wedding day. 

Photo Credit: Sarah Mattozzi Photography

We hope all of this information helps to inform your decision about a traditional venue or a private estate and whether or not to hire a wedding coordinator or a venue coordinator.

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