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Budget Friendly Tips

We all know weddings can get expensive. In 2023, found that the average wedding cost was around $35,000. This may be a shock to some people who haven’t planned an event at this level before. The best thing that you can do is to create a budget and stick to it. Many couples end up going over budget because they lose sight of what they really want for their wedding. Listed below are some helpful tips that you can use to stay on budget for your wedding. 

1. Renting Decor

Instead of buying all of your decor online or in store, consider renting your decor from Marylee Marmer Events. We have a wonderful catalog with a large quantity of items available to rent for your special day. From table numbers to candles and linens to cake stands, we just about have it all. By renting these items, you can save about half the money that it would cost to buy it on your own. You also don’t have to worry about the collection of the items at the end of the night or how you would use them in the future. 

2. Repurpose

Rather than having an excessive amount of decor that may not even be seen at some portions of your wedding, try repurposing decor and floral arrangements from ceremony to cocktail hour to reception. Repurposing these items can help to save costs as you aren’t needing to buy supplemental things. You’ve already spent the money on these beautiful items, why not showcase them at every step of your special day. 

Photo Credit: Jason Collins Photography

3. Cut Little Things

When thinking about the little things you have for your wedding day, think about how much they are going to get used and what purpose they might serve. If it’s something that is going to get overlooked, maybe cross it off the list to help save costs. For example, while personalized bar napkins are really cute to have throughout the reception, they are ultimately going to get thrown away. Save money by just using plain white or black napkins. The money you save can be put towards something that you truly want and something that could be truly memorable. 

4. Think About the Time of Year You’re Getting Married

The time of year that you’re getting married in can be a big factor into your wedding costs. If you’re getting married in the peak wedding season (April-June, September-November) you’re most likely going to see an increase in your venue cost than you would if you were to get married in the off season (December-March, July-August). Within the peak season, you’re going to have more people interested in your venue, causing there to be a higher cost. Also think about the day of the week you’re getting married on. Saturdays are very popular for weddings and can cause price increases as a result. Try getting married on a Friday or Sunday to save money. Or opt for a mid week wedding to save even more! The time of year can also affect decor items like flowers. If you’re getting married in the winter, opt for fall or winter flowers. If you try to go for flowers that are out of season, you’ll see some extra costs as it’s harder to find them. Greenery florals are always in season and can be more cost efficient. Try going for more greenery in your floral designs to help save money. 

6. Simplify Your Food

Simplifying the food you serve at your wedding can help to save money as catering is a big chunk of your budget aside from your venue. Buffets tend to be cheaper as it requires less staff to serve the food and it gives your guests the ability to choose their own portions. However, try to limit the amount of options you have as too many options can lead to spending too much money. Try “serve yourself” appetizers during cocktail hour as well to save additional money over passed hors d’oeuvres. When it comes to dessert, wedding cakes can get costly especially the more tiers and details you have. Opt for a smaller tiered wedding cake or a sheet cake from your local grocery store. Another way to save is to cut out the cake entirely and go for smaller desserts like cupcakes or small dessert bars. 

Photo Credit: Marie Violet Photography, Jill Meriwether Photography

For more budget friendly tips check out and also their Wedding Budget Breakdown to see how you should be dividing your budget.

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