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2024 Trends: Wedding Dresses

Welcome back! We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our 2024 Trends series and perhaps have been inspired by some of our ideas. Our final installment examines what we expect to see as far as popular ideas for wedding dresses. Within this piece, we worked with Bryce Carson, the co-owner of Brocade Bridal in Richmond, VA to help give us some insight into popular trends for this year.

Brocade Bridal is a new, fresh space curated with the fashion forward bride in mind. They offer a variety of gowns from classic silhouettes to trendsetting designs that will work with any style of bride. They are dedicated to creating an intimate, no pressure environment to make gown shopping stress free and fun! 

The founders, Bryce and Tabitha, have over 14 years of wedding and fashion industry insight originating from their time working together planning social events. Creating luxury and bespoke events for Roberts & Co Events, this duo has created Brocade Bridal as a new approach to bridal gown shopping in Richmond.

Brocade Bridal has graciously given us a 10% off discount with the use of a special card only offered by Marylee Marmer Events. Feel free to reach out to us to get your card today! *You have to have a physical copy of the card to receive the discount.* Brocade Bridal is located at 4010 W. Broad St in Richmond, VA and you can check out their website at

1. 3D Element

To elevate a wedding look, brides are adding a three dimensional element to their wedding dresses. They are opting for flowers, jewels, and textures on their dresses. This look can bring to life a dress to give creativity and uniqueness (and of course an additional reason to stand out) to their wedding day. Bryce says that “pearls have been a popular feature to have on gowns” as seen in the first dress pictured below.

Dresses Featured: Maeve by WTOO, Anti by Eva Lendel

2. Minimalist

If you’re not into the big poofy dresses or over dramatic elements, a minimalist look might be for you. Some brides have shifted to having a minimalist dress like a slip dress for their wedding dress to simplify things or save money. This can still have an elegant feel without the dramatic jewels and tulle. “The Antiope dress (pictured first) is one of Brocade’s most popular simple gowns as it features crepe fabric draped in a cowl neck and back” - Bryce.

Dresses Featured: Antiope by Pronovias, Antyla by Pronovias

3. Mini Dress

More and more brides have opted for a costume change into a mini dress during their reception to allow for better flow of movement and comfortability. While it has mainly been seen in receptions, we might be seeing it in ceremonies too as brides opt to only purchase one dress instead of two. Additionally, it might be seen paired with a removable skirt to add a dramatic flare to the outfit change. 

Photo Credit: Jason Collins Photography; Dress Featured: Shera by Heirloom Little White Dresses

4. Subtle Color

Some brides have been embracing pops of color in all aspects of their wedding including their dress. Rather than the traditional white gown, brides are opting for shades of cream or even blush pink. There can also be undertones in tulle linings that give off subtle color like the second dress pictured with an ivory/brown color. This can give the wedding dress a feeling of uniqueness to yourself while still maintaining an overall bridal aesthetic. “WToo's Somerset in Moscato (the first dress pictured) is the perfect gown for those that want a touch of color. While it comes in ivory, we have seen more popularity with their shade of blush called Moscato. It is an easy breezy a-line in a color that works on all skin tones” - Bryce.

Dresses Featured: Somerset in Moscato by WToo, Pomeroy in Ivory/Brown by WToo

5. Dramatic Skirt/Train

Ever since Princess Diana walked down the aisle with the longest train known to women, everyone has been infatuated with a dramatic train or skirt attached to their wedding dress. Recently, Sophia Richie has brought some momentum with the movement as she wore a beautiful satin and lace train with her wedding dress in 2023. Whether it’s large, poofy ball gowns or lengthy trains, we expect to see dramatic elements like these in 2024 dresses. Bryce says “Lika by Eva Lendel (second dress pictured) has been one of their most sought after gowns” as it features a detachable overskirt for the “ultimate ceremony to reception look”.

Dresses Featured: Larsa by Icons, Lika Skirt by Eva Lendel

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