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The Art of Repurposing

Want to save money and not waste beautiful decor? Try repurposing! Check out some helpful tips about repurposing items on your special day to help you stay on budget and put things to good use. 

1. Repurpose Bouquets

Take those beautiful bouquets and put them on show. Try repurposing them as table centerpieces on either the main tables or side tables like the welcome or dessert table. This way people can still view the arrangements and they won’t necessarily sit awkwardly in everyone’s way.

Photo Credit: Alyse Michele Photography

2. Repurpose Arbor Flowers

If you have flowers on the arbor at your ceremony, you can do a couple different things to repurpose them. First, you can try placing them in front of the head table or sweetheart table to differentiate between the tables. Second, you could repurpose them on a welcome or memory table to add to the tablescape. A third option could be to repurpose the entire arbor with the flowers attached to a different location in your reception. You could put them behind a dessert or sweetheart table, or you could use it as a photo station for your guests to take pictures with. 

Photo Credit: Sarah Laughland Photography 

3. Repurpose Aisle Flowers/Decor

If you choose to have flowers or candles down the aisle during your ceremony, you can repurpose them to the tables as centerpieces or accents throughout the space. This way you can save on decor items as you will be giving them a multi purpose use. 

Photo Credit: Ashley Hesse Photography

Whatever you choose on what to do with your decor, repurposing items can help save money as you won’t have to buy large quantities of items since the few items you have will be reused throughout the day.

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