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What To Include On The Invitation Suite

Wondering what you should include in your wedding invitation suite? Look no further! We have compiled a list of the most important things to include within your wedding invitation suite as well as on the invitation itself.

Photo Credit: Ashley Eagleson Photography

Within the suite:

1. Invitation - This is the main item within the suite. This gives your guests all of the important details for your special day. 

2. RSVP Card and Response Envelope - This allows your guests to respond to your invitation request by mail if they choose to do so or if you don’t have a website.

3. Accommodations card - This card gives your guests any additional information for your special day that they may need to know or take use of. 

Now, let's dive a little deeper into what each item consists of.

1. Invitation

The invitation provides all the main information for the day. This is the date, location, time, name of the couple. Make sure to include all locations for the day, especially if your ceremony and reception are being held in two different places. Utilizing a specific address is also helpful to your guests as they can directly look it up in a GPS system. An additional piece of information could be “reception to follow” towards the bottom of the invitation. 

Photo Credit: Marshall Arts Photography

2. RSVP Card and Response Envelope

This one can look a little different depending on how you are having your guests RSVP to your wedding. If you are going traditional, you’ll want to include the RSVP card and an envelope for them to return their response. If you are going a more modern route, you may have a website that has all of your wedding day information that you’d like your guests to use to RSVP. If you are having a website, be sure to include the specific link address so that your guests can respond.

On your RSVP card, you want to include:

  • A line for the guest’s name

  • A line for whether or not they are attending, and if so how many people are attending (this can be different if you’re allowing plus one’s or children)

  • A line for any allergies or dietary restrictions the guest might have (this is important to include so that you can provide the information to your caterer)

  • A date for when the response needs to be in by

Photo Credit: Sarah Mattozzi Photography

3. Accommodations card

This card might include information about transportation that you may be providing your guests on your special day. It might also include hotel information if your guests are traveling from out of town. If you are providing transportation, you may want to include some sort of response card in your RSVP as to if the guest will be utilizing the provided transportation so that you can have a proper count as to how much or how often the transportation needs to run. 

4. Additional Information

These things can be included with some of the cards listed below or added on their own. This might include information about your wedding registry or a donation fund if you are doing an alternative gift solution. It may also include information about the dress code for the event. Perhaps you have a specific way you’d like your guests to dress or just a simple rule to follow for the day. 

Other information that may or may not apply could be:

  • Weekend events - If you’re choosing to have a welcome party or brunch throughout the weekend, you can inform your guests about what events they may be invited to attend. 

  • Printed Directions - Perhaps not everyone has a smartphone to instantly give them directions or maybe your venue is more secluded and hard to find. Providing printed directions can help to ensure that all your guests know exactly where to go.

Photo Credit: Katy Lynn Mcnab Photography, Alyse Michelle Photography

Ultimately, you can decide what information you would like to include within your invitation suite. With the popularity of wedding websites, many people just send the main invitation and provide all the additional information within their website for their guests to interact with. 

We will leave you with one last tip though: On your wedding day, be sure to bring a copy of your invitation suite so that your photographer can capture a beautiful details shot like those included within our blog.

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