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We're Having a June Wedding!

There's a reason June tends to be the most popular (and therefore the busiest) month of the year for weddings. We always have plenty of events this time of year, and with the start of summer, it's no surprise to us why. But perhaps you don't know why the tradition of June weddings really picked up in popularity. Read below to learn more about why June is anything but just another month for weddings!

Beautiful Blooms

Let's start with perhaps the obvious. This time of year brings more greenery and incredible florals to life. With the start of warmer weather, it's very common for weddings to head outdoors where there's more flora and fauna to enjoy (and act as natural decor for your big day)!

Jessi Jo Photography

Hello Juno!

Looking back on the beginnings of June weddings, we can look to the Roman goddess of love and marriage, Juno! It was thought that those who married this month received extra blessings of prosperity for childbearing and long term happiness. What a great month to start a new journey in your love story!

First Moon

Another tradition tied to June? The honeymoon! Honeymoon usually referred to the first moon after summer solstice, which typically falls in June. June also holds a lot of options for traveling to a beautiful honeymoon destination with the start of summer!

Heather Mrva Photography

Thinking of Themes

June can offer a lot of ideas for wedding themes, too, and makes a great starting place for summer themes. Think of sun and you'll get sunflowers, sun hats, lots of yellow decor and lemonade!

Looking Rosy!

June's birth flower is the rose, which also explains another reason this month is so popular for weddings! Roses can be found blooming in the hotter months, and the romantic flower makes a great option for floral designs!

Brittany Lowe Photography

While you don't have to have any reason to choose June for your big day (besides wanting to), now you have even more explanation for why it's the perfect month for your wedding!

Want to start planning your June wedding? Contact us today!

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