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Ways To Save On Your Wedding Day - Part 4

This four-part blog series features all the ways to save money for your wedding day. In part 1, we focused on the beginning stages of planning. The beginning stages included the when, the where, and the how many. Part 2 gave you tips on how to save money on floral designs, catering, cakes, and dress. Part 3 focused on music, bar, stationary, favors, photography and videography. Now Part 4 focuses on saving on décor, rent vs. buy, repurposing, and grand exit. Now you know all the tricks to saving money on your special day!

Photography by Nicole Johnson

Saving on Décor

- Recycling items like picture frames, books, wine bottles, family heirlooms, bud vases around the house are great ways to save money.

- If you go with a venue that already has an inventory with décor it will help keep the costs down.

- Lot of couples buy things on Facebook groups. Past couples sell their items to recoup some of the cost they spent during their wedding. It is a win - win for everyone!

- If you have access to borrowed items from friends or family members, this will save a lot of money.

- Choose a venue that doesn’t need much décor. Lots of couples love Lewis Ginter for it’s beautiful gardens. Many couples don’t use any décor because the gardens are so beautiful.

- Another way is to keep it simple. The simpler, the less expensive.

- Many couples are switching to plants as centerpieces. If there are leftover centerpieces, they plan them in their home garden to grow.

Photography by Alyse Michelle Images

Rent vs Buy

If you are keeping costs to a minimum rent vs buy is the option. These are some things you can rent:

- Attire: That's right, guys are not the only ones who can rent attire. Girls are using companies like Rent The Runway to rent their dress instead of buy.

- Décor and Linens: You will spend less by renting items vs. buying them from the Marylee Marmer Events inventory

- Jewelry: Brides are renting jewelry those expensive jewelry pieces for their big day to make a statement vs buying.

Photography by Marshall Arts Photography

Floral by Marylee


When doing floral consultations, I give the importance of repurposing these items:

- Ceremony décor as centerpieces or extra décor for the reception.

- Bridesmaid bouquets aren’t needed during the reception, why not use them during the reception as centerpieces and a toss bouquet.

- If your ceremony arbors is not too heavy and movable, put it behind your sweetheart table or cake table.

- Instead of buying an additional sweetheart table centerpiece, use the Bridal Bouquet instead.

Photography by Nicole Johnson

Grand Exit

When doing a grand exit keep in mind that not all your guests will stay until the end of the reception. If you decide to do a grand exit with wands, sparklers, bubbles, etc. Be sure to only buy for about half of the guest count. Another way to save on grand exit is to not have any items to give to your guests. Many couples are switching to guests putting their hands up and cheering vs. having wands to distribute to all the guests.

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