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Ways To Save On Your Wedding Day - Part 3

This four-part blog series will feature all the ways to save money for your wedding day. In part 1, we focused on the beginning stages including the when, the where, and the how many. Part 2 gave tips on how to save money on floral designs, catering, cakes, and dress. This week we are focusing on stationary, favors, bar, music, photography, and videography. Next week, we will focus on saving on décor, rent vs. buy, repurposing, and grand exit.

Photography by Jessica Lapp Photography

Stationary and Favors

Here are some ways to save on those stationary and favors that you may have not thought of:

- Don’t do stationary at all. That’s right. Some couples are steering away from the printed stationary and favors all together.

- If you choose not to do invitations, not only do you save on postage, but the headache of creating the labels or getting everyone’s address. Most couples in covid sent invitations electronically.

- Couples who have sent invitations saved by deciding to not use menu cards, programs, and place cards.

- Marylee Marmer Events gets discounts with for stationary. 35% off save-the-dates and 25% off invitations.

- If you chose to do favors, do one per couple or have a basket toward the exit for 1/3 of your guests

- Make your escort card double as a favor. For example, couples are getting wooden names for each place setting and guests get to take them home.

- Make your late night snack your favor.

Photography by Don Mears Photography


- If you limit your bar to wine and beer, it will save you lots of money.

- Some couples are choosing to only serve signature drinks for the duration of the evening with beer and wine instead of a full bar.

- There aren’t too many guests that drink champagne. If you offer champagne for the “drink in hand toast,” be sure to not buy champagne for all your guests.

Photography by Don Mears Photography


- Book a DJ instead of a band.

- If you book a band, book a smaller band.

- Some DJ’s give discounts for booking certain days. For example, Sunday or weekday discounts.

- Choose a bundle package instead of one service. If you are celebrating all weekend, choose them to create music for the entire weekend.

Photography by Morgan Renee Photography

Photography and Videography

- Book them early. Sometimes they will offer a discount or honor a lower price point booking early.

- Hire someone local to the venue for photography or videography. This will save in travel and hotel fees.

- Book for fewer hours and use the time wisely. They can only get so many dancing shots during dancing time and then the dancing shots all start looking the same.

- Have your wedding planner negotiate with your desired photographer or videographer.

- Consider using someone who is experienced and just moved to the area and wants to establish themselves in the local market of the venue.

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