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Ways to Save On Your Wedding Day - Part 1

This four-part blog series will feature all the ways to save money for your wedding day. In part 1, we are going to focus on the beginning stages of planning. The beginning stages include the when, the where, and the how many.

Photography by Don Mears Photography

The When

- You could save lots of money having an off-season wedding. Having a wedding mid-November to mid-March is not so bad. At least it will not be so hot on your wedding day, and we have also seen some of the most beautiful pictures when it is cold.

- You will be charged more for a Saturday wedding because it is a prime day to get married. Friday and Sunday weddings are less expensive than Saturdays, while Monday-Thursday are the least expensive. Many couples are steering away from Saturdays weddings and switching to Sunday-Friday weddings to save on the wedding of their dreams.

- If you choose earlier in the day, some venues will even give you a discount. For instance, if you have a brunch style wedding that starts at 11am and ends at 3pm, it not only saves on the food, but also the venue.

Photography by Heather Dodge Photography

The Where

- The location of the wedding is a big factor on the costs for a wedding. For example: A few example include: Washington DC is more expensive than Richmond and a park vs. a ballroom.

- Choose a location that includes more than just the venue. For example, if a venue includes tables, chairs, etc. It will be a cost savings in the end.

Photography by Peter Beliaev Photography

The How Many

- Less guests equals less money. If there is one thing, we all learned from this pandemic, when you have a smaller wedding, it saves you money. You will have less food, less drinks, less flowers, less rentals, less stationary… and the list goes on.

- The smaller the bridal party, the more money you save. Each bridal party member will have a bouquet or boutonniere. If you have more bridal party members, the more flowers you will pay for.

- If you choose packages that have less hours, you will also save. For example, if you choose a photography package for 8 hours vs. all day, it will be sure to save you money. Another example, if you choose a venue package for 5 hours instead of all day, this will also save you money.

Written by Marylee Marmer of Marylee Marmer Events

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