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Thrift Store Wedding Decor

National thrifting day is tomorrow (August 17th) and we think it’s a great time to talk about all the best ways to thrift for your wedding day!

We know weddings can be expensive, so why not save wherever you can? We’ve come up with a few of our favorite ways to save on spending when it comes to wedding planning!

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Dollar Store Decor

Let’s start off strong with decor for a dollar! We love shopping at our local dollar stores and finding unique pieces at vintage shops and thrift stores. Vases, candles and tea lights, and picture frames are all things you can find here and use for your wedding day.

Stunning Secondhands

Bridal gowns can range from affordable to the price of a new car, so we understand wanting to save some money at the bridal shop. However, you don’t want to skip on the perfect style! Vintage shops can bring you something old (but new to you), while consignment shops can bring you brand new and worn-once pieces for you to choose from. (We love Blue Sage Bridal in Richmond!)

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A Rare Jewel

Another great thing to thrift for your wedding day? Jewelry! Vintage earrings, brooches, tie bars and hairpins can all be found at secondhand stores and and make for incredible statement pieces to add to your wedding day attire. We’ve also found a few beautiful charms to add to bridal bouquets before!

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Super Savings

Our final advice on cutting down on costs is to reconsider your flowers. Artificial flowers from dollar stores and bulk flowers from Costco can provide you with significant savings and a few extra dollars to spend elsewhere in your wedding day budget. (You can also work with your florist on more ways to save, like repurposing ceremony flowers for your reception space!)

Need more ideas on how to save? Feel free to contact us today to help you cut costs where it counts!

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