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Thankful For You

Tomorrow's the big turkey day, and we're getting so excited to show off our table setting skills and eat some delicious food with our family. We figured now was a great time to show off how we add in our favorite traditions from Thanksgiving to your wedding day!

Falling For You

Probably the most obvious would be incorporating fall colors into your wedding day decor. Autumn colors of marigold, orange, and shades of red in your centerpieces, bouquets, linen and napkin colors can come together to create a beautiful fall landscape!

Jason Collins Photography

Great Gratitude

We love the tradition of saying what we're thankful for at the dinner table surrounded by family! We've seen lots of different ways to show your appreciation to your wedding guests, from personalized notes to custom favors, and even taking a moment during dinner to tell your guests thank you. There are definitely plenty of unique ways to show your gratitude to your friends and family on your wedding day!

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Personal Placement

Why not add more personalization to your day with custom place cards? From smaller family dining to larger events, a place card provides a more intimate touch to your day (and not to mention helps your wedding planning team with seating)!

Family Style

Arguably what everyone looks forward to the most on Thanksgiving day is the food! If you're looking for a more interesting dining experience for your guests, consider offering family style service. Guests can pass the plates around like they do during the holidays, giving a more relaxed feel during dinner.

Sabrina Boykin Photography

Banquet Buffet

To offer family style service, you'll need to consider banquet tables for your wedding reception. This will allow guests to sit together and more easily share the food around them (just like at the Thanksgiving table)!

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The most important thing to consider when planning your wedding (or your Thanksgiving Day dinner) is how you want your guests to feel. The more you show your appreciation for them being there with you, the more likely they are to have a good time!

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