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Spectacular Sendoffs

Now That's a Grand Exit

There are so many details that go into a wedding day. It's a day that many couples have dreamed about for a long time, so it only makes sense that a lot of planning goes into it. And while you should focus on the things that go into your day, don't forget about the things that end it, like your grand exit!

With over a thousand events under our belt, we've seen our fair share of exciting exits. We've narrowed down a few of our favorites below to help you choose the best one for your wedding day!


Probably the most popular one, sparklers are sure to make a big statement! We suggest getting the 20" sparklers, but check with your venue since many have their own restrictions on these (especially regarding fire safety)!

Mermaid Lake Photo


Want all the fun of sparklers without the safety risk? We suggest bubbles! They're a cheaper option, and provide an incredible effect on photos that's beautiful to see.

Leah Meissler Photo

Glow Sticks

Another great option for a grand exit photo that's sure to be amazing is glow sticks! We suggest getting a lot of these for guests to wave when you exit, and going for longer ones in length rather than shorter ones, to make sure your photographer gets all the colors captured.

Cameron Thompson Photos


By far the most fun option to see in motion is streamers! They're super colorful and guests can really get involved in the grand exit when your photographer gives the cue to throw them. These should also be about 20" in length but talk to your photographer on ones they suggest, too.

Shailene Danielle Photography

Need more suggestions, or looking for the right product to buy for your day? Contact us today and we can work with you to plan the most spectacular sendoff!

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