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Save the Date (Literally)!

As wedding planners, we know how important a wedding day truly is. All the small details create very big moments, and this may very well be a day you've dreamed of for a long time. But when the day is done, what are you left with? Hopefully with the right precautions, you'll have many mementos to take home with you. We've put together a few of our favorite wedding day items to save for future memories with your loved one!

Wedding Dress

This one may be the most obvious, but you'll definitely want to preserve your wedding dress. Reach out to your wedding dress shop to see if they have a dress preservation kit to purchase. (Some shops even offer discounts on their kits when you buy your wedding dress from them.) Don't forget to look into options for preserving your veil, too, to prevent it from yellowing over time.

Wedding Dress Preservation Co.

Bridal Bouquet

Along with your wedding dress, you'll need to think of how you want to preserve your bridal bouquet long before the big day. Most companies that offer flower preservation will want the bouquet provided to them at the end of the wedding day, if not the very next day at the latest. This is because your flowers will start wilting quickly, and you'll need to act fast to maintain their beautiful coloring. Be sure to have a plan set for your bouquet before the big day arrives.

White Poppy Presses

Invitation Suite

We love saving your save the dates and wedding invites as we plan your weddings, and we definitely think you should save them too. We've seen invites framed, preserved with bouquets, and even turned into pillows! It's a simple but important detail to be sure to save and display in your home.

Paper Vine Designs


Another great item to display in your home is your wedding vows! What better way to remember your perfect day then to read the beautiful words your partner spoke to you on your wedding day? Get them printed and hung above your bed, or even have an artist turn them into interpreted artwork for a more unique piece to add to your home.

Inspired Decor Co.

Cake Topper

We've seen every kind of cake topper out there! From brides and grooms, to new last names, but we especially love seeing cake toppers turned into Christmas ornaments! Just add some ribbon or string and hang them on the tree!

Finn Lively Photo

Bonus: Rain Water

Did you get some extra special luck on your wedding day (i.e. rain)? Make sure you save it! Grab a small bottle and fill it up on your wedding day (and be sure to mark it and tuck it into a safe space - we have had someone drink the rainwater before). This can be another item to add to your Christmas tree, too!

Need some more preservation inspiration, or help with saving your special items? Contact us today to truly save your big day the right way!

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