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Advice For Couples During This Pandemic

Written By Marylee Marmer

As a result of the corona virus pandemic, couples all over are having to make difficult and heartbreaking decisions to reschedule their wedding day. Our couples plan for all sorts of things, however they did not think they would have to plan during a pandemic. While we help our couples plan around the occasional hurricane, this is something we have never experienced. While some would say, “it’s just a wedding,” we too feel emotional for our couples. Their day is what they have dreamed about, and it is the most important day of their lives. For all our couples who have had to go through this pandemic at least we know it will not be here forever. We are here to help you reschedule your wedding for a future date. Here are some tips to getting through this:

- Schedule a call or video conference with us to discuss all aspects of the wedding. Typically, our couples feel better after talking it through. We will walk you through the rescheduling process. Planning your wedding can be fun even from the comfort of your home. You could even get some of those DIY wedding ideas/projects done during this quarantine.

- Communicate with you guests about your new date. Lots of couples are getting creative with their save-the-date/change of date cards.

- Be flexible with vendors on choosing rescheduling dates. We like to get an idea of when you would like to reschedule to and chose a few dates that work for you. Once we know dates that work for you, we contact all your vendors to find what works best for everyone.

- Some couples are having virtual weddings now and then renewing their vowels and having the big planned wedding on the rescheduled date.

- Get wedding insurance to protect your investment

- Keep in mind every state is different on the guidelines to follow for wedding day. Restrictions are in place to protect you, your guests, and your vendors. These restrictions are safety measures/rules we all must follow.

- Think about if you want to change any colors or décor for the new date. For example: If you are planning a fall wedding and have fall colors, do you want the same colors for your new date in the Spring?

While this pandemic is not ideal, we are here to help alleviate the stress on you. Connect us if you need help!

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