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A Child-Free Wedding that's Guilt-Free Too!

It's not an easy task throwing a child-free wedding. While it's up to you and your partner on whether kids can attend, it usually takes more than a few words on an invite to truly get the point across to your friends and family. To firmly and kindly tell your guests that children aren't allowed, we suggest following the below advice:

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Carefully and Cautiously

You should address invites specifically to only those invited, particularly writing exact names on response cards (or wedding websites). Avoid saying adults only, and instead, take the time to talk to those family members and friends with kids about your decision. Speaking of wedding websites, you can elaborate further on your child free affair (and maybe even include some recommendations on babysitter options in the area) on the FAQ page of your website.

Children at the Ceremony

You can still have children at your ceremony, including the traditional flower girl and ring bearer. However, if you intend to have them miss out on the fun of the reception, consider planning a timed exit for them during cocktail hour, or include an event babysitting service that can keep them occupied while their parents enjoy the party.

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No Rule Breaking

This is a hard one for those with soft hearts, but a child-free wedding should mean absolutely no children, no exceptions. You can offend family and friends if you choose to allow some kids to attend and not others. Stick to your own rules and you should avoid any hurt feelings on your big day.

Correct Assumptions

It's natural for many wedding attendees to assume that you simply couldn't fit all the names on their invitation, and therefore you actually wanted their kiddos to come along. If you start hearing before the wedding that some guests are planning to bring their children (despite your rules), try to talk to them. Let them know that this was your decision as a couple, or blame it on the venue and budget if you'd prefer, but telling them sooner rather than later will help keep your wedding day running smoothly. Don't forget to tell them how excited you are to have them be there to celebrate with you!

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Don't Back Down

You will most likely get pushback when you issue a child-free wedding invitation. If you're dealing with angry guests, be kind but firm with your words. Remember it is you and your partner's day and therefore you get the final say. Try to provide them with help in having someone watch their kids, and remember to remain sensitive to their feelings, too. At the end of the day, respect for both sides will get you a happy guest on a very happy day!

Need more assistance with the proper wording? Contact us today to start planning your child-free wedding day!

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