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2024 Trends: "Ins"

As we welcome the 2024 wedding season, we explore new and old trends that we feel might occur or be replaced in the new year. Our first 2024 Trends installment takes a look at some of the things we think are going to be “In” for 2024.

1. Bold Colors

Couples are going more adventurous with color this year utilizing warm, hot colors rather than colder, neutral colors. Opting for bolder colors can add pops of color to the space as well as make things more fun to the eye. 

Photo Credit: Ashley Eagleson Photography

2. Bows

Bows surged in popularity in 2023 as little accents in outfits or hairstyles. With their recent popularity, we plan to see them utilized in wedding decor from floral arrangements to decor accessories. It brings a touch of elegance to uplift simple decor.

Photo Credit: Marshall Arts Photography, Nugen Media Photography

3. Candid Over Planned Photos

Couples are tired of being pulled in 3 different directions for wedding pictures before, during, and after different parts of their wedding. Rather than lining up everyone they’ve ever known for a snapshot, the couples are asking for their photographers to be in the background of the wedding; almost as if they didn’t exist. They want candid photos of them laughing with their buddies or sneaking a kiss or snack when they think no one is around. They want the photo of the dad breaking it down on the dance floor after a few drinks. These will mean so much more as they will remember those enjoyable moments and cherish the fact that someone captured it. 

Photo Credit: Nicole Johnson Photography, Sarah Mattozzi Photography, Shannon Hennessy Photography

4. Creative Guest Book

Rather than having a traditional guestbook, couples are opting for creative guest books to encourage more guests to interact. With creative guest books, couples are able to see their wedding through their guest’s eyes. It can also be helpful to see people you might not have gotten to be able to talk too much to ensure that a good time was being had by all. Creative books give the couple a fun and sentimental thing to do on an anniversary or some time after their wedding to look back on messages and photos from their special day.

Photo Credit: Chelsea Schmidt Photography

5. Candle Centerpieces 

Flowers can get to be expensive depending on what you decide to do as far as centerpieces and decor. We’ve been seeing the turn to more of a simple centerpieces utilizing candles as the primary object. They can be inexpensive and still add the elegant effect couples are searching for. 

Photo Credit: Lindsey Nicole Photography, OneLove Photography, Tori Parker Photography

6. Small Bridal Parties

You don’t need to have every friend you’ve ever had in your bridal party. As weddings are growing smaller and smaller with guest counts to have a more intimate celebration, the bridal parties too are getting smaller. Having a few of your closest friends in your party will make things more intimate and enjoyable for you as the couple as you get to cherish your moments more and aren’t spending too much time on photographs.

Photo Credit: Nicki Metcalf Photography, Dogwood Lane Photography, Silverbridge + Co Photography

7. Small Cakes or Dessert Bars

More couples are choosing to have a small cake for cutting paired with additional desserts to be enjoyed. By the time the cake is being served, your guests are starting to really enjoy themselves (if you know what we mean) and don’t want to stop the momentum of the party. With having a smaller cake, couples can reserve that for themselves for future anniversaries or for moments after the reception when they need a snack. By having a dessert bar or late night snack, guests can grab their dessert whenever they want to or you can get the snack pick me up they need after a long night of drinking and dancing. 

Photo Credit: Evan Lane Photography, Shannon Hennessy Photography

8. Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Not everyone in your bridal party is going to have the same body style and shape. What looks good on one person, might not look good on another. The idea of matching bridesmaid dresses is on its way out, and what is stepping in is the idea of the same color dress just in different styles or the idea of a color palette with different styles. This can make your bridesmaids feel much more comfortable and confident at your wedding. 

Photo Credit: Precious Pics Pro Photography, Heather Dodge Photography, White Black Photography

9. Informal Departure

While grand exits have risen in popularity over time, there has been a shift in having an after party after everyone leaves. Because of this, some couples are opting out of a grand exit as they are just going right into the after party festivities. You might still have some sort of transition into the after party like a final song for all your guests to dance to. Other couples are opting for a private last dance moment after their guests have left to go to the after party. 

Photo Credit: Sarah Mattozzi Photography, Chelsea Schmidt Photography

10. No Wedding Favors

Let’s be completely honest, no one keeps these. Your guests might take it home, but it either ends up lost somewhere or thrown away. Instead of spending money on something that people won’t use, put that money towards something else that you wanted. If you are stuck on the idea of having wedding favors, try to get something that your guests might actually want or use. Drink koozies, magnetic bottle openers, or matches are some good options. But if you don’t think your guests will keep it after your wedding day, save that money for a better use. 

Photo Credit: Brittany Lowe Photography, Sarah Mattozzi Photography

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