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2024 Trends: Florals

Welcome back! We hope you’ve enjoyed our 2024 Trends series so far. Sticking with our 2024 trends, this next installment in our series looks at floral trends we hope to see this year. 

1. Bold Colors

Couples are going more adventurous with color this year utilizing warm, hot colors rather than colder, neutral colors. Opting for bolder colors can add pops of color against neutral settings as well as make things more fun to the eye. Try opting for flowers that are naturally bold in color (i.e. roses, hibiscus, tulips, dahlia) to elevate your look.  

Photo Credit: Adela Antal Photography, Niki Taylor Photography, Marshall Arts Photography

2. Baby’s-breath

We’re all used to Baby’s-breath accompanying roses and other floral arrangements. However, there has been a change in couples utilizing only Baby’s-breath as their floral decor. While it gives a space a more natural and simple look, it can also create elegance as bunches can transform the room. There is also the benefit of it being cost friendly as it’s not too over the top. 

Photo Credit: Bee Two Sweet Photography, Tori Parker Photography

3. More Greenery

I don’t think we’ll ever see greenery florals go out of style. Recently couples have opted for more greenery items than floral in their decor. This can help give the space a classical look while still being elegant as you can use other decor items to bring color and light to the area. This can also be a cheaper option as it stays true to the basics. 

Photo Credit: Leah Miessler Photography, Heather Dodge Photography

4. Non-Floral Textures and Shapes

Adding non floral elements to your decor can help to keep things simplified and classic without having to go too overboard. This can be in the form of geometric shapes, books, non-traditional florals, etc. It still gives the space a refined look without the heavy florals. These can also be used to keep costs down as you aren’t spending as much on actual flowers and can potentially utilize items you already own for the decor. 

Photo Credit: Ash Carr Photography, Heather Dodge Photography

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