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2022 Wedding Trends

It’s no surprise that every couple wants their wedding to be unique. Whether they want more personal touches shown throughout their wedding day details, or want to highlight bigger moments or more intimate settings for guest experience to stand out from the crowd, it’s always fun to tell each couple’s love story in their own way. In 2022, the trends are anything but ordinary, and we’re breaking down some of the top ones that are popping up at our weddings this year.

  1. Non-Traditional Trends

We know that each year there’s a new and shiny thing that makes its way into each wedding, as couples try to be more creative and distinctive. However, this year the unique thing is simply that – being unique! More and more of our couples are going the non-traditional route by having smaller, more intimate weddings like elopements or microweddings and foregoing the traditional big ceremony. Others are having a reception-only affair, as they were married in the last two years during the height of the pandemic and now want to have a bigger celebration with all their friends and family.

We’re also seeing changes in the traditional wedding-day timeline. Instead of first speeches from the wedding party, couples are opening up the mic to any guests who want to offer well wishes for the newlyweds. Since the big day may have already happened, couples are also skipping the traditional dances and just going right into dancing the night away.

Photo Credit: Marshall Arts Photography

  1. Hanging Floral and Tabletop Designs

Each year, we’re pleasantly surprised to see what new flower or greenery is added to the list of favorite florals for weddings that year. For 2022, it’s actually no surprise to us to see that earthy neutrals are making the rounds of bouquets and ceremony décor, with touches of pampas grass, lots of silver eucalyptus and Italian ruscus, and all different shades of astilbe. We’ve designed some pretty interesting pieces for our weddings, too, like hanging floral chandeliers, large vases at the ceremony altar, and even repurposed wedding party bouquets into tabletop designs.

Speaking of tabletops, we’re seeing more elegant details of design for the standard plates and cutlery. Now, couples are choosing colors to match their wedding day themes, and incorporating these into their chargers and water goblets. Napkin rings and table linens are also getting an upgrade and couples are now going for bolder and more sophisticated choices.

  1. Themed Things

Now it’s not necessarily news to anyone that weddings can have a theme… but this year we’re seeing bigger theme choices and couples are making sure every detail of their event ties into them. From fun and bold themes like the circus, to whimsical and romantic themes like Bridgerton, couples are incorporating their favorite shows and ideas into their day to make it feel even more like special! While a theme can be a great way to make the planning process fun, they can also be a unique way to make your guests feel even more wowed by the wedding and more included in your personal story.

  1. Open-air Tents

Tents at a wedding? Groundbreaking. (We say in our best Miranda Priestly voice.)

Okay, okay, hear us out. Event tents have long been a part of the wedding industry and are definitely not anything new to see. But after the last few years of the pandemic, we’re seeing our couples push to have more space and more air available for guests to spread out. Gone are the days of tiny, crowded indoor receptions. Now it’s time for large, outdoor gatherings to have their place on the pedestal again! Open-air tents provide a few luxuries like room to move and dance and the ability to enjoy the evening air, but they can also come with a few challenges (like a pop-up shower or chilly night draft). Just make sure to have a backup in place for the unexpected!

Photo Credit: Ash Carr Photography

  1. Modern Etiquette

We believe love should be celebrated and accessible to all – so with that in mind, we know how important it is for our LGBTQIA+ couples to know the best practices for their special days, too! Instead of “bridal parties,” we’re now seeing more inclusive language like wedding parties. It’s also common for us to encounter a “Groomsmaid” or “Man of Honor” as we embrace the non-traditional and include everyone in such an important day. Not only that, but wedding day attire is getting more personal and less traditional, too. Jumpsuits and pantsuits are the choice of a lot of our brides and even some wedding parties, as couples change up the typical wedding day lineup. No matter what you decide, we believe the best decision is to have your favorite people by your side!

We know that wedding planning isn’t necessarily the easiest task, and with the stress of trying to outdo the rest, it can seem even more daunting to undertake. That’s where we come in! We handle all the little details to provide you those everlasting big moments on your wedding day, so you can focus on the most important thing of all – marrying your best friend!

To learn more about how we can help your wedding day stand out, contact us today at the email below. We can’t wait to put a little #MaryleeMagic into your day!

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