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Engagement Party: Yay or Nay?

You said, “YES!” to the person of your dreams. Now it is time to announce the big news! Whether you do it on social media or call a few people who are close to you, start asking yourself if an engagement party is something you should do or not. If the answer is yes, these are some great reasons why you would:

-Both sets of families meet!

No matter how long you have been dating, there is probably at least one family member on either side that you have not gotten a chance to meet. An engagement party is the perfect way for you and your two families to meet and become acquainted. If they know each other before the wedding, chances are they feel more comfortable talking and having fun at the wedding.

-You can announce your wedding date at the engagement party!

Most likely you have decided on a date for your wedding or have an idea of when you would like to have it. Announcing at the engagement party will be a fun thing to share during the party and it will also prevent you from having to send save-the-dates.

-You have a reason to celebrate and enjoy food and beverage!

Who doesn’t like to party and enjoy yummy food and beverages? If you ask me, what better reason to have an excuse to eat and drink? This can also give you ideas on what you want to serve at the wedding and what you don’t.

-You can stock the bar for the wedding!

Bars are a pricey thing for any wedding budget. Many couples are having stock the bar engagement parties to help with the costs involved for the bar. Couples can ask each person to bring a bottle of wine, liquor, case of beer, or help pay towards the things needed at the bar like glassware, ice, mixers, etc… This will help prevent the dreaded cash bar at wedding receptions. No one likes those!

-You can ask your bridal party to stand with you on your special day!

Of course, they were probably some of the first people you called after the proposal but wait before asking all your best friends to be in your wedding. Asking them at the engagement party makes them feel recognized and it can be an exciting thing to do during the party in front of everyone!

-If you decide to have an intimate wedding or elope, you can have a big engagement party to celebrate with everyone!

Planning a small intimate wedding or eloping? Having an engagement party is less expensive and will give you the opportunity to tell everyone that the wedding will be a small intimate affair and to say in the nicest way possible, not everyone is invited without actually saying it.

If you really don’t want to have an engagement party, you don’t have to do it. Planning a wedding and all the festivities around the wedding should be a representation of you as a couple. No one should do it or spend the money on a party if it's not something they want!

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