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Wine-Inspired Wedding Decor

Here at Marylee Marmer Events, we love all things wine almost as much as we love all things weddings! So what better way to celebrate National Wine Day on May 25th, than to bring our two favorite things together! Other than being a delicious beverage during your cocktail hour, wine can play more than one role on your big day! In fact, one of the most popular venues people choose to have their big day at are winery's and vineyards! However, even if your big day doesn't take place in winery, you can still give off that rustic elegant feel that wine decor gives! So, here are some of our favorite ways we have seen wine bottles, corks and more included in people’s big day!


With their tall and lean shapes, wine bottles make the PERFECT posts for displaying table numbers at your reception. You can paint numbers directly on the bottles, hang them from the necks, or put them in the top of the bottle! Whichever way you decide, it’s a simple and affordable project that even the most novice DIY’ers can handle!


Some wine bottles are already such a vibrant color that there is no need to paint them! What better way to utilize these pops of color than using them as vases for floral arrangements during your big day. Since not all bottles are as pretty as the others, instead of painting them, another alternative to give your wedding a more rustic look is wrapping the bottles in twine and filling them with your special day flowers. Whether its as aisle decorations, or floral arrangements for your tables, these bottles are a sure way to add a little more pizzazz to any floral arrangement.


What is more romantic than a room lit by candlelight? A room lit by candlelight from traditional candlesticks in wine bottles, DUH! Wine bottles make the perfect candlestick holders because of their long and narrow necks. Not to mention, the clear glass adds a simple elegance to your rustic chic wedding day! Plus, it looks really cool when the wax starts dripping down the bottles.

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When it comes to incorporating wine into your wedding decor, there are more ways to do so then just using the bottles. The corks make for even more great decor ideas! To everything from place card holders, to boutonnieres, to monograms of your new initials! These corks are cheap and cute way to bring out your crafty side! Plus, that means you get to crack open a new bottle of your favorite wine! All for the good of the wedding of course!


When it comes to remembering those who celebrated your big day with you, the best way to do so is having a guest book for all those in attendance to sign upon arrival! Guests can share memories with the bride and groom, advice for a happy marriage, or just well wishes on their wedding day to look back on! While some opt to keep it simple and go for an actual guest “book”, we have found some really creative ways for wine to play a part in alternative guest books! We have seen guests sign an empty wine barrel, old wine corks, and even large bottles of wine. Another neat idea we have seen couples do is a “Message in a Bottle.” Guests can write down a message for the new bride and groom and put the message in a bottle for the couple to read in the future. No matter what form of “book” you choose, make it something that you and your new bride or groom can enjoy looking back on for many years to come!

For more tips, tricks and ideas on how to incorporate wine bottles and corks into your wedding decor, be sure to check out our Pinterest page. There you will find galleries from real Marylee Marmer Events weddings, as well as other boards to help you find the perfect inspiration for your big day! Cheers!

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