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2018 Trends: Copper Accents

It looks like there is a new metallic in town for 2018, copper! Copper details are starting to emerge in the wedding decor industry in super beautiful and creative ways! The best part, there are so many different looks you can go for with this naturally occurring metal. Polished copper gives a more glamorous and elegant look, while the matte or aged copper accents give a more rustic or vintage feel. The earthy tones given off by the copper is perfect for a nature inspired wedding!

When it comes to finding copper decor in ones wedding, the options are truly endless! Here are some of the most popular ways we are seeing copper being used!

Table Decor

From candlesticks to ribbon to chargers to lanterns, copper is an undeniable elegant form of table decor. If you are looking for something a little more bold than just table decor, opting for copper toned chairs maybe the way to go! When comes to the bar scene at weddings, we are even seeing copper being incorporated here! The copper pressed Moscow mule mugs are becoming a HUGE trend not only in general, but also during signature cocktail selections at weddings. And let’s face it, what’s not to love about a festively garnished cocktail in a shiny copper mug!?


The use of copper foiled accents and colors in general are making a HUGE statement when it comes to invitations. Not only are the invites themselves making a statement, but even the envelopes are standing out as well. Depending on the style of copper used, these can give a very elegant, or a very vintage feel!


Let’s be honest, everyone’s favorite part of the night is when the cake is cut right!? Well other than a delicious cake, couples LOVE bold, beautiful cakes. We are seeing more and more cakes use metallic colored detailing and what better way to do so then with copper!? If using metallic on a cake isn’t your style, using copper colored cake stands are also a more subtle way to stay elegant yet bold!

When it comes to the copper trend, there is a way for almost everyone to find something to incorporate in their big day. Whether you are going for an elegant classic look, or a more edgy vintage look, copper can do that!

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