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10 Things to do the Morning of your Wedding Day!

The day has arrived, the plans have been set and it’s almost go time! So, now what do you do? Those first few hours of your wedding day can go from 0 to 100 in a hot second without a little planning! Here are ten things to do on your wedding morning so you and your bridesmaids stay relaxed and ready for your big day!

1. Have accommodations for the night before the wedding so that you can celebrate with your girls before the big day! It’s the perfect excuse for a slumber party, makes morning prep easier and serves as a great backdrop for your getting ready pictures!

2. Take time to breathe and center yourself with an early morning yoga or meditation session. It’s not uncommon to feel all sorts of nervous in the lead up to your walk down the aisle! Just take a deep breathe and take it all in!

3. Create a playlist that takes you down memory lane with your best gal pals! Pumping the music while you’re getting ready will only add to the fun of the day!

4. Kick off the celebrations with a pop, fizz and clink! Start the morning off right with a mimosa bar filled with chilled juices, fruits and champagne! But, don’t forget to pace yourself, you’ve got a long day ahead of you!

5. Lay out your details by ready-ing your photographer to capture every moment! They are going to want those detailed shots of your gown, shoes, jewelry and invitations before you get ready! These pictures will be fun to reminisce on throughout the years to come!

6. Decide when to give gifts, whether they’re something to present first thing in the morning or when everyone is dressed and ready. We can’t forget about those bridesmaids, your mother, mother-in-law and cute little flower girls!

7. Enjoy being pampered by your hair and makeup artists. Whether you are visiting a salon or booking a mobile service for the venue, soak up all that the VIP experience has to offer! It's YOUR day, treat yourself!

8. Eat something even though you may not feel hungry - the hours will slip by quickly and the last thing you want during your ceremony is a growling tummy! A platter featuring light and easy-to-eat snacks like fruit, finger sandwiches or veggies are great options!

9. Allow time for professional photos with your bridal party before the ceremony. Your hair, makeup and flowers will all be at their best early on in the day. Some of your best shots will be getting ready with your girlfriends!

10. Plan a few minutes to be alone before the ceremony begins. There is a lot to process on your wedding day. These moments will fly by in a second so take some time to yourself to take it all in. Reflect on your relationship up to this point. Imagine the excitement of seeing your future husband at the end of the aisle. Take AS MANY snapshots as you can. Pictures are great, but special memories you can keep in your mind just for you are even better.

This is your big day, soak up every moment of it and never let a second get away from you! Before you know it, this day will all be over, so make sure you make the most of it!

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