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Textured Bohemian Trends of 2018

With a New Year, always comes the saying, “new year, new me.” Well, the same goes for trends within the wedding planning industry, “new year, new trends.” While times are always changing and the preferences of brides around the world always differ, here is what we have found as one of the biggest new trends of 2018.

While in the past years, rustic has been all the rage, we will see that change when bohemian becomes the new rustic. The bohemian style is one that is similar to the rustic features we are used to, just with a more edgy twist. Now don’t worry, we don’t mean the modern day Vanessa Hudgens at Coachella Music Festival style. Just think, texture, bold colors and various textiles with a relaxed, carefree vibe. The bohemian bride is one that is just as natural and flowy as the look she embodies on her big day.

Sources: Crystals, Macrame

With this new age bohemian style, expect to see an increase in the use of strong textiles and geodes such as macramé and crystals. Macramé is making a huge comeback and is a gorgeous and budget-friendly way to channel your inner boho queen. Think, macramé photo backdrops, table runners, bouquet wraps and more. The increase of ceremony backdrop décor will also prove to be relevant in 2018, so what better way to take advantage of this trend than with an interwoven macramé hanging complete with some bold colored flowers and greenery. We are also seeing brides use bold colored crystals to act as accent pieces on table spreads and sometimes even as place markers. These crystals and gemstones embody the ideas of spiritual elements and “good vibes” that are so prevalent in the bohemian style. While we are just seeing these crystal details emerging, we will continue to see stone elements such as marble to remain just as popular in 2018. The differing textures found with the macramé décor and the crystal stones, is one that creates the perfect bohemian balance.

Sources: Bouquet, Wrap

Another way that we are seeing the bohemian style change the way we see wedding themes is with the return of cascading bouquets. Cascading bouquets first become popular around the 80's but are now making their return with a edgy boho twist. Bouquets of cascading greenery and bold, whimsical blooms are becoming more and more prevalent in the coming years. We are also seeing the textured macramé style included in these looks by creating bouquet wraps. Wrapping these cascading bouquets with macramé and leaving some of the fringe hanging adds the perfect modern touch on these once popular styles. Over sized floral arrangements are still a favorite among couples, but we will now see more designs that breakaway from the mold and feature more bright and bold flowers.

Sources: Dress, Crown

When it comes to a wedding, while the décor and floral arrangements are all about portraying the brides personality and self, nothing shows that more than the chosen dress. With the bohemian trend, we can expect to see a lot of flowing layered fabrics, ethnic inspired-textures, and floral crowns. We will see a great deal of backless dresses, lace and intricate detailing, and long bell sleeves and off the shoulder cut gowns. These dresses reinforce the whimsical earthy style of the modern boho-chic bride.

A bohemian wedding has a distinct edgy and romantic feel that remains earthy and inspired by nature and the outdoors. Embodying the differing textures we see with the macramé décor, the bold blooms and greenery bouquets, and the embroidered detailed dresses, the bohemian theme wedding is one that is sure to be a hit in 2018.

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