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Fun Save-The-Date Ideas

Unlike the formal wedding invitation that goes out later, you can have a little fun with the save the dates. Sent out at least six months before the wedding, this purpose of these is to let your guests know that they will in fact be invited and for them to quite literally save the date of your wedding on their calendar. If you had an unlimited budget in a perfect world, there are a lot of cool things you could do for the save the dates. Most people do not have an unlimited budget. Here are some fun save the dates ideas that won’t break the bank!

The first idea is to include a “prop” with the save the date. This prop could be anything that relates to your individual wedding or your personal style. The examples that I have shown below are a pencil, packet of flower seeds and a magnet. The pencil idea works well because it’s a pun to “pencil us in” to your calendar; it’s a cute idea and the recipient now has something (the pencil) that they can use in the future. The flower seeds would be perfect and on theme if you were having your wedding in a garden or anytime in the spring. The magnet idea is one that is definitely on trend these days and in this case, the save the date itself is the prop. If you’re having a rustic themed wedding, then doing a wood magnet as shown below is a fun idea and a way to make it a little different.

Photo: Aisle Perfect

Photo: Elizabeth Anne Designs

Photo: Etsy

The second idea is to make the save the date into something interesting and interactive. By that, I just mean that the recipient has to do something to the save the date to "understand" the invitation. One idea is to send everyone a small 9-piece puzzle (not some crazy jigsaw puzzle) however that can get slightly expensive depending on where you get the puzzles made and how many of them you order. Some easy and interactive ideas are to have a scratch off or a balloon. Neither of these require too much work.


Photo: Bespoke Bride

The third idea is to still stick with a traditional paper invitation, but make it fun! One way to do this is to make the save the date very graphic looking with tons of facts and important milestones about the couple. Another fun idea is to make your save the date look like a ticket to a sports game, especially if you and your fiancé are either die-hard fans or are holding your wedding in a sporting venue. Most people send save the dates with a pretty, stylized picture of the couple, but one way to make it interesting is to make it funny and less expected.

Photo: Wedding Paper Divas


Photo: Etsy

Whatever you choose to do, put your unique spin on it! This is one area of your wedding where you can take a risk and have a lot of creative liberty.

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