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Kiss Me, I'm Irish

Cheers beautiful brides and Happy (early) St. Patrick's Day! St. Patrick’s Day is a cultural and religious celebration in Ireland which commemorates the patron saint of Ireland. No matter your relation to the holiday, you can choose to celebrate the Irish culture and heritage with a beautifully themed wedding! From shamrocks to Bailey’s Irish Cream to green tablescapes, there are so many beautiful ways to incorporate a St. Paddy’s Day theme into your big day!


Whether it is a simple green shamrock placed over a table setting or lucky horseshoes, there are many ways to bring the luck of the Irish to life on your wedding day!

Sources: Horseshoe, Shamrock, Centerpieces

Bridal Party

Green bridesmaid dresses look beautiful when paired with fresh wildflowers and plenty of green foliage in the bouquets! Adding that “pot of gold” with a gold sequined maid or matron of honor dress really adds a pop to this festive bridal party! And let’s not forget about the lads in the party! Plaid or family tartan ties with delicate sprigs of green on the lapel really tie the traditions of Ireland into this groomsmen look.

Sources: Gold, Tie, Green


When it comes to flowers for a St. Patrick’s Day themed wedding, the possibilities are endless! Taking green carnations or amaryllis and creating a beautifully elegant bouquet can be quite popular. Adding a satin wrap or even a little twine complete with a shamrock brooch is a super nice detailed touch. One cannot go wrong with lots of greenery and clovers when it comes to the floral arrangements for a wedding like this!

Sources: Twine Wrapped Bouquet, Green Amaryllis, Carnations

Eat, Drink and Be Married!

When comes to Irish food, it’s not just the typical meat and potato dishes that you may think! There are so many ways to incorporate Irish foods into the wedding theme. Think cute mini shepherd pies and some fish n’ chips! When it comes to the cake, some green shamrock detailing is sure to make any wedding cake look ready for the festivities! At the end of the night, guests can enjoy a nice Irish Coffee and some Irish Whiskey Caramels, with a goodie bag of Irish Soda Bread & jams!

Sources:Cake, IrishSnacks, Soda Bread Bag

So whether your big day falls on St. Patrick’s Day or you are just trying to get back to your Irish heritage, these tips will make guests feel super “lucky” to be part of your big day!

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