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Are flowers not your thing? Here are some non floral decor ideas!

Some people just straight up don’t like flowers, and that’s fine, but I think the main reason that brides opt to not have flowers at their wedding is because they cost so much money for something that will dry up in a couple days. If you are going to omit flowers, or just want some other décor to add to your flowers, just make sure that you layer and texturize your décor to make an attractive and interesting display to avoid it looking flat. For example, make sure you have things of varying colors, heights, widths, textures, etc. If you have a Hobby Lobby near you, I highly recommend checking them out for non-flower décor pieces. Other places to shop could be Etsy, Target, and even local antique and second-hand shops. Here are some ideas, and get ready for lots of pictures below! I hope you find some inspiration.

Photo: Hi Miss Puff

  • Have tons of terrariums layered with glass votives full of twinkling, warm candles. Different size terrariums filled with green and purple succulents creates a natural environment without having flowers. While succulents will also eventually die like flowers, they have a much longer shelf life which may be enough to justify buying them for your wedding. Also if you want a live element to your decor, you can usually get a ton of the 'greens' that they garnish floral arrangements with for a small fraction of what you would pay for their flower equivalent. For example, a giant bundle of eucalyptus is usually only a couple of bucks.

Photo: Etsy

Photo: Apartment Therapy

  • Layer and twist tulle, tissue paper flower balls, eucalyptus sprigs, and string lights both on the tables and up the walls. If you are using lights, be careful with combining heat and tissue paper décor! Try to either ensure distance between the lights and the tissue paper or opt for LED lights that don't get nearly as hot as other bulbs.

Photo: Wedding Forward

Photo: Wedding Forward

  • Display various picture frames, either with pictures or without. Check out a thrift store for these! You can get some really good deals to maximize how far your money will go regarding your decor. If you find one that is cool and intricate but an ugly color, then paint it! Or buy a bunch of different frames and paint them all the same color for a uniform look. There is so much room for creative expression here.

Photo: Tulle and Chantilly

  • Tons and tons of different size / shapes / colors of sea shells, pinecones, pumpkins, Christmas ornaments, OR whatever the season calls for (obviously choose one of these and not all of them or else you may seem like a crazy person!). Put them in varying sizes of glass hurricanes to contain them but also add dimension.

Photo: Mod Wedding

Photo: Wedding Forward

  • Wine bottles of various sizes and colors. Can be filled with either leaves, twigs, candles, glass beads, or left empty.

Photo: Style Me Pretty

  • For a vintage feel, create layers of vintage tea cups and books in various colors and textures. Display them in different directions to keep it interesting; some horizontal, some vertical, some cups on top of a stack of books, others displayed next to them, etc. Along the same theme, add some Edison bulbs to really round out that aesthetic.

Photo: Weddingomania

  • Vintage ladders can be really pretty and rustic. They can be décor just as themselves or use them to display picture frames, hold cupcakes or drinks, display décor pieces like a cut-out monogram, string polaroids on it, or hold your parting wedding favor.

Photo: Pinterest

There are plenty of options for décor within any budget. Look for recycled, repurposed or free objects if you are trying to save money and get creative!

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