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You're engaged! Now what?

Happy new year! We are officially in the swing of engagement season, did someone pop the question to you? Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, but a planner like Marylee can make the experience a happy one and make the build up to your big day something you will actually want to remember. It's all about savoring the experience and enjoying the journey. You’ve probably thought about a possible date or potential venue, but your to-do list is just beginning. Everyone's wedding timeline will be custom to them depending on how long their engagement is and the amount of detail they are having in their wedding. Here is a rough outline of what to do and when.

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When you get engaged – First things first … get a manicure, because everyone will be looking at your hands! Also, narrow down to a few possible dates that you like, set a budget, research and visit venues, start writing up a guest list, select your wedding party and hire a wedding coordinator! Unless you are super organized and have a ton of time on your hands, you're going to need a wedding planner to help you out.

9 Months before wedding – Now is the time to book the venue that you researched. Also book your caterer, photographer, florist, officiant, and DJ/band. Get your save-the-dates made, start planning your honeymoon, register for gifts, purchase your dress, and start collecting or thinking about ceremony and reception décor.

6 Months before wedding – Mail out your save-the-dates, get your wedding invitations made, order your wedding cake, find a makeup artist and hairstylist.

3 Months before wedding – Mail out your invitations, shop for wedding bands, reserve rental items such as tables, chairs and linens if they don’t come with your venue, make reservations for your rehearsal dinner, shop for wedding party gifts and reserve or buy the groom(smen) attire.

5 Weeks before wedding – Obtain your marriage license, get your programs printed, arrange your seating plans and have your final dress fitting.

3 Weeks before wedding – Finalize all vendor details … caterer, cake maker, florist, DJ/band, photographer. Make sure you do a makeup and hair run through so you don’t have any breakdowns on the day of. Go over your music selection with the DJ

/band. Also, finalize your honeymoon details!

1 week before wedding – Finish any DIY projects that you are doing, and do any primping and pampering that you need to do. Try to relax and enjoy this time; the day you’ve been working so hard for is almost here so enjoy this time and don’t stress.

This can seem overwhelming so make sure to take advantage of help when you can get it. If you are interested in hiring Marylee to plan your day, please call 804-295-9940 to inquire more information. Most importantly, enjoy the process and enjoy your special day!

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