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Non-Paper Seating Assignment Card Ideas

Now let’s talk about seating assignments. Unless you are having an open-seating reception, you’re going to need some way to let your guests know where you want them to sit. Some couples just give their guests a table number while some couples assign specific seats. Either way, paper seating cards – while being a feasible option – are not the most exciting way to convey this message, nor are they the only option for people on a budget. Here are some other options!

You could write your guests name with a gold paint pen on a thick leaf such as a magnolia leaf. If you are having an outdoor wedding, keep in mind that leaves can move in the wind but a magnolia leaf is probably the same weight as a paper card, right? Also speaking of feasible – this option can be free if you have access to a magnolia tree!

Photo: Hi Miss Puff

You could use a little mini terrarium or tiny potted plant as a ‘green’ option to display the seating card on a little tiny stake. This will obviously be costlier than a paper card but this, along with a lot of these ideas, could double as the take-away-favor and it would make the tables look so beautiful and natural. You could also write a cute message on the back of the stake such as “Let Love Grow.”

Photo: World of Succulents

If your wedding is on the water or if it’s beach themed then you can use a paint pen to write the guests name on the inside of an oyster / mussel / clam shell. You could always buy pretty shells but it would be more meaningful and rustic if you collected them yourself, not to mention free!

Photo: Photos From The Harty --> This is from a wedding we did back in April 2017!

Along that same note, you could collect a bunch of pretty, palm sized polished rocks and again, use a paint pen to write the name. (Paint pens are clearly a necessity for any DIY bride). Unless you live in a rocky area, this might take a while to collect, so start early! It will be worth it in the end.

Photo: The Knot

If cost is not a huge factor for you, then you could paint pen the persons name on an agate slice. They will end up costing you about $3-$7 per piece but they can also double as the favor. These trendy crystals can range from pink, to blue, to green, to purple – adding a nice splash of color to your table scape.

Photo: Etsy

Similarly, you could write the guests name on a pretty arabesque tile from a hardware store. This will run you about the same cost as the agate slices, and you could also get a variety of colors to add dimension to your space.

Photo: Country House Wedding Venues

For any of these options, you could either have them at the individual place setting for assigned seat receptions or you could have a table at the entrance of the reception and line them all up either alphabetically for people to pick up as they enter (*include the table number on the item for this option) or organize them by table (*no need to include the number with the seating card, just have the name). We hope you will give one of these ideas a try to add some interest to your upcoming wedding!

P.S. Below are some other great non-paper ideas for your viewing enjoyment!

Photo: Mon Cheri Bridals

Photo: Hi Miss Puff

Photo: Leah and Mark & Co.

Photo: Green Wedding Shoes

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