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Meet Our Lead Planners! - Lindsay

Happy Monday Everyone! Today we are featuring another Marylee Marmer Events Lead Planner! Here is Lindsay's Story...

Paige Stevens Photography

"Hey there! I’m Lindsay, and I have been a part of the Marylee Marmer Events Team since August of 2015.

New Jersey is my home turf, however, I moved to Mechanicsville, VA about four years ago when I transferred schools. For three years, I attended George Mason University where I received my bachelors degree in Tourism and Events Management with the full intention of being a part of this awesome industry!

Throughout my studies I was involved in multiple internships with government conference planners, private planning teams, SMG Richmond at the Richmond Coliseum, and finally, Live Nation Entertainment at the Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD. I assisted with a wide variety of events from small meetings to entertainment events such as WWE Live!, and coordinated events with groups of 50 to 5,000 attendees.

After graduating, I met Marylee Marmer completely by chance and I have been working a bunch of different events with her ever since! With my spare time away from events, I very much enjoy photography and I am always looking for new and unique places to test my skills. I also work part time for the humane education department of the Richmond SPCA because I am very passionate about animals and love being able to teach young kids, as well as adults the importance of adoption and kindness to animals. Most importantly, I love spending time with my family, making trips back to New Jersey to visit and a few other states around the country to see my six amazing nieces and nephews!

I never thought in a million years I would ever become a wedding planner. Marylee changed all of that. The team at Marylee Marmer Events is so passionate about what we are doing. All we want is to make couples happy and give them the most special day they could ever imagine. We are there every step of the way not just as your planner, but as your friend. Just like your family and friends, we are so thrilled to see those couples walk down the aisle to be married to the love of their life. This is the greatest opportunity I could have ever fallen into, and I can’t imagine being a part of any other team.

Forever a part of the Marylee Marmer Events Tribe!"

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