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  • Lindsay Condelli

Meet our Lead Planners! - Taryn

Hello Everyone! Over the next couple of weeks, I will be featuring some of our fabulous team here at Marylee Marmer Events. So, to kick things off, meet Taryn!

Here is her story....

Paige Stevens Photography

"I was born and raised in Baltimore, MD. Affectionately, my family would tell you that I have always been bossy. I was also compared to my grandmother, a senator and a boss in her own right. What they mistook for bossiness was just an innate ability to maintain order from an early age. I liked to have things go as they were supposed to, ie if I told my stuffed animals to stay in line on the bed, they had better stay in line.

As I grew up I learned how to apply that same orderliness to the real world. From my color coordinated closet to my home filing system, I had become the one people came to for reorganizing their life. Of my three sisters, I was the organizer. My dependable nature pushed me towards being everyone's go-to girl for just about everything. Not to mention, I love to help. I feel like that's why we as human beings are on this Earth, to help people. With all that combined, I was blessed to come in contact with Marylee Marmer who saw enough potential in me to show me the ropes of event coordination.

To see the looks on the faces of brides when they walk into their reception spaces and everything is how they've imagined it, or to watch a retiree in tears by the end of the night because we created a space for their peers to send them off properly makes this job something of wonder. I cannot imagine not doing this forever. As a team, we work hard to make sure every T is crossed and I dotted, that everything is seamless so that no one has an ounce of worry. I think that's what we specialize in.

The experience of my team and our leader translates to the work we do. Tirelessly and honestly, we will pull your vision together if it's the last thing we do because you shouldn't have to worry. Hiring Marylee Marmer Events means lifting the weight off your shoulders and onto ours because that's what we're here for, to make your life easier".

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