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Summer Isn't Over Yet! - Summer Wedding Trends

This summer is full of bright colors palettes, patterns and cool treats! Each one of these trends is a great way to make your wedding unique and cool for the summer. Here at Marylee Marmer Events, we can help you find the perfect summer trends to make your big day even more exciting and beautiful.

Bright Color Palettes

Trade in your pastels and neutrals this summer for some bold and vibrant colors! Keep your color palette fresh by choosing a few hues that work well together or choose multiple shades of one bright color. You can incorporate your colors into every wedding item you decide to use such as, invites, flower arrangements, and linens. Even add some bold colors to your bridesmaid dresses for a fun, unique look!


This summer calligraphy patterns and graphic prints are extremely popular! From chalk board signs to wooden calligraphy signs, every couple is looking to add some much needed patterns to their wedding arrangement.

You can add patterns to your stationery, napkins, table runners, table seating charts and more! These patterns can range from tropical accents like pineapples to elegance patterns like cursive writings. Unexpected surprises always make weddings more eye catching and enjoyable!

Cool Treats

With the summer heat constantly being on a brides mind when it comes to planning their wedding, keep it cool with some fun treats! Get rid of your hot food trends for some cooler food items used to make your wedding delicious and more enjoyable. Cupcakes and mac and cheese are being replaced by cooler choices such as, mini fruit tarts, ice pops and pasta salad. These items still fill your guests up but keep them cool when working with the summer heat!

Marylee Marmer Events knows exactly what you need to make your summer wedding a blast! Contact us today to help bring your dream wedding to life.

Check out our Pinterest page for more summer trends and ideas!

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