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Nail Your Bridal Beauty!

Although weddings can be stressful, it’s important to take time out of planning and double checking your to-do list to make sure that you’re pampering yourself. In the days leading up to the big day, stress less by going to a yoga class, scheduling a message (hey you deserve it!) and of course getting a mani and pedi. Although your final nail salon date might be the week of your wedding, like most things regarding your wedding, your nails will take a little planning. That’s where Marylee Marmer Events comes in. Here are some tips, tricks and trends to help you nail your wedding day look.

Tip #1

Start picking your favorite shades early. The sooner you know what color you want for your nails the less thing to worry about. Plus having your color picked out in advance gives you the chance to hold your nails up against your dress...if you hate the combo no worries, you have time to pick something else out. Another reason to plan early is that some

Tip #2

Do your research. If you have a go-to girl in your town, but you’re getting married in a different town/state find a manicurist with great reviews. In case of emergency (think breaking a nail or your polish chips), you will have already done your research and found a great salon you can call.

Tip #3

Schedule your nail appointment for a few days before your wedding day. Don’t wait for the night before, which will be busy with rehearsal dinner plans. Planing your salon day a few days in advance gives you some breathing room closer to the big day. If you’re worried about chipping, make sure to have a spare bottle in your bridal bag the day-of.

Nail Trends of 2016

1) Jeweled ring finger

Everyone will be dying to see your sparkling engagement ring along with your new wedding band. An unexpected twist is adding a little bling to your ring finger to amp up the wow factor. Ask your manicurist for small rhinestone details on the one finger to keep it special. Ask if you can take some home with you and store them in a plastic bag along with some nail glue just in case one pops off the day-of.

2) Lacey Detail

If you like a mix of trendy and classic, then this is the trend for you. Nail details are fun and surprising while the lace pattern keeps it lady-like. Discuss with your manicurist if this type of art work is something she is experienced in. You can deck out all of your nails or save the pretty detail for a special few. Bonus tip: If you have lace on your wedding dress, bring in a picture for your manicurist to replicate.

3) Matalics

Matalics have been huge in 2016. From copper details to rose gold color schemes, it seems like brides can’t get enough of the shiny stuff. Incorporating fun matalic details on your nails is the perfect way to subtlety incorporate the trend. There are plenty of ways to design your nails, but here practice is key. Make sure your metalic hue looks flawless against the base color you use for your nails.

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