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Wedding Day Checklist

Your big day can be a bit of a blur. Your excitement and anticipation is at a high and you also want to be able to enjoy your day. However, there might be a few things that come up that you may not expect to occur. Check out our list below on some items that might come in handy should any unexpected surprises come up on your wedding day. 

Wedding Day Checklist:

  1. Pain reliever

  2. Band Aids

  3. Lint Roller

  4. Stain Remover - accidents happen and you want something that can make a quick fix

  5. Bobby pins

  6. Hair ties

  7. Safety Pins

  8. Gum or mints - so you can have fresh breath all day

  9. Snacks - you want to ensure you eat something throughout the day whether it be a little snack or a larger meal

  10. Eyelash glue - this can help to hold your necklace in place so that it doesn’t shift throughout the day

  11. Disposable razor 

  12. Nail polish - bring a similar or same shade to patch up any manicures

  13. Lipstick - bring extras in the same shade or similar shade to touch up throughout the day

  14. Deodorant

  15. Perfume 

  16. Tissues - there will be tears: both happy and sad

  17. Sewing kit

  18. Steamer

  19. Phone chargers - make sure everyone has a full charge to capture your special day

  20. Extra earring backs

These are some of the most common items we recommend bringing on your special day but there are probably more items that you may think of that are not on this list that you want to bring on your day. We hope this list gives you a head start and helps prepare you for your wedding day!

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