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Top Tier Tech

With ever-changing trends in the wedding industry, it's no surprise that each year reflects more of the current world we're in. From traditional bouquets and pastel bridesmaids, to unique tablescapes and patterned groomsmen suits, we're always excited to see the new designs and decor that our couples choose to incorporate into their day.

With updated trends comes updated tech, too! We're seeing more and more digital details at our weddings, and we've outlined a few of our favorites below:

Eagle Eye

Drones are becoming more and more popular at our outdoor weddings. Wanting to capture every moment of the day is nothing new for our couples, but getting an aerial view of your venue to capture for a lifetime is something we’re glad to see couples are adding to their photo list!

Cameron Thompson Photos

On The List

While a guest list is nothing new, we’ve seen a steady rise in couples and venues utilizing an online option to check guests in as they arrive. This was a useful tool during the pandemic (when monitoring guest numbers was an absolute need), but the perks of being able to check guests in and monitor total numbers in real time is a benefit vendors are loving, too! We’re able to ensure only those guests who RSVP-ed are in attendance, and keep an eye on the number of guests who have arrived as we put the final touches on your wedding day decor.

Which Watch to Wear

We’re only recommending this one to couples who don’t mind looking like some super Spy Kids on their big day! Adding some wearable tech to your wedding attire, like an Apple Watch or Fit Bit, may seem odd but can make for a memorable memento in the future. Some companies are able to use the data that tracks your heartbeat and turn it into incredible artwork. We love how amazing this unique piece will be for our couples. (“See that spike there? That was our first look!”)

Rented Robots

We know this one sounds a little out there, but hear us out. We’ve seen some incredible updates to live-streaming ceremonies with the help of some advanced technology. While an iPad or camera may get the job done, the help of a rented robot can take that task away from a family member or friend who can now fully enjoy the festivities.

We also love the endless opportunities of robots serving during your wedding day. Whether you choose to hire them for your bartending tasks, or to handle the fun photobooth during cocktail hour, they’re sure to make a statement to your guests that’s hard to forget!

Fresh Pic Photobooth

Tesla for Two

Another great way to make a stunning statement is your grand exit car. We’ve seen everything from vintage cars to tuk-tuks, but why not leave in futuristic style and choose a driverless car for your getaway? They’re the perfect addition to the big event of a tech-savvy couple!

The greatest part of adding top-tier tech to your wedding day is the incredible options: your only limit is your imagination! Need some more ideas? We’re happy to help! Contact us today to start planning your techy wedding!

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