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New Year, New Trends

New year - new trends. It’s the norm for wedding planners and all vendors in the wedding industry. As an engaged couple, it’s hard to keep track of what to include in your wedding day that will keep you in style and continue to wow your guests. We’ve put together the best new details that our couples are starting to focus on in their big days!

Justin Robinson

Just the Two of Us

Before the final walk out of your big day, that you’ve been planning and dreaming about for a very long time, couples are choosing to close out their wedding with a private dance. Everyone walks out but the photographer, who can capture such a special moment between the couple on a day they’ll never forget.

Color Me Happy

To say we’re obsessed with this latest trend is an understatement. Bright and bold are making more appearances in decor and wedding day attire, and the floral designs are getting bigger and more unexpected. Patterns and textiles are replacing simple, solid colors and traditional uniformity in every way.

Megan Photography LLC

Dress Me Up

Okay, we’re suckers for the first look, don’t get us wrong! However, we’re definitely a fan of this newest tradition of couples getting ready together. It certainly saves more time for couples to get to the fun part of the festivities and start celebrating with their loved ones right away.

Saying "I Do" at Sunrise

We’ve seen brunch weddings and even mid-afternoon ceremonies, but we’re really a fan of the mid-morning ceremony with a break before the big party at night. This gives guests time to rest up (and out-of-town guests time to sightsee or hit a fun activity in town) before coming back to the reception. Plus, you can go all night with guests who have had a midday nap, right?!

Ripp Photography Co

No More Non-necessities

Our newest couples are foregoing the wedding day details that no longer need to be added to their day. Things like wedding hashtags, welcome bags, and wasteful one-use products are out, and more sustainable options are in!

Not interested in any of the above ideas? Make your own! Nothing says new and exciting like a new idea that is just your own. Need help in more unique ideas for your day? Contact us to start brainstorming now!

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