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How to Choose (A Series): Part Three

As we get into the full swing of fall weddings, we can’t help but daydream about one of our favorite parts - your floral designs! Fall weddings are notorious for accenting the season’s stunning foliage and mimicking their beautiful warm tones. While there’s so much to choose from, having too many options can make the decision process feel daunting. We’ve created a quick guide for you to help pick the season’s best pieces for your wedding day designs!

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Think of Your Theme

As you dive into wedding planning, you’ll probably start considering all the details that will make up your day. A great place to start when planning your florals is to use your venue for inspiration. A garden venue may feature florals that reflect the ones all around you, whereas a beautiful estate or ballroom may allow for more extravagant designs. 

Go Green

The best part of fall has to be the change in colors all around you, right? When it comes to your wedding day floral designs, consider adding greenery or leafy pieces to your bouquets and centerpieces, Eucalyptus and ruscus are great fillers (and usually on the cheaper side), while pampas grass has been turning heads and making statements at boho weddings recently. You can also consider adding in berries for a more unique filler!

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Stay in Season

Floral design is always fun when you’re daydreaming about the giant cascading chandeliers you want over your head table, or the completely floral archway you want to walk down the aisle to. However, the best way to ensure your flowers are fresh and affordable is to look for flowers already in season. These are usually more available and thus easier for your florist to get. While you may still be able to attain out-of-season flowers, they usually come with a higher price tag.

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A Few of our Favorites

So what flowers do we recommend for fall? We’ve listed a few below that we’re big fans of!

  • Amaranthus: great for cascading bouquets.

  • Bunny’s Tail: a good filler option that’s a bit more unique than eucalyptus,

  • Dahlia: frequently grow August through October, making them more available!

  • Hellebore: super unique and definitely in-season.

  • Hops: dried hops are becoming more popular nowadays!

  • Lisianthus: similar to roses and carnations, they’re great in boutonnières  since they’re smaller in size.

  • Pansies: an edible flower that can be incorporated into every little wedding detail!

  • Yarrow: a favorite for boho weddings since it resembles sea coral. 

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When it comes to designing your bouquets, boutonnières, and decor pieces for your wedding day, the best person to suggest what’s best for you is your florist! Their expert knowledge of the industry and their personal connection with you will help determine what is best for your budget and your vision of your day. 

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Want even better news? It doesn’t get better than a florist and wedding planner in one! Marylee Marmer Events offers wedding day packages with floral design included, so we can work together to create the wedding of your dreams! Contact us today to learn more!

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