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How to Choose (A Series): Part Seven

The Perfect Tablescape

As wedding planners, we're frequently tasked with putting little details of your day together for a cohesive look. From floral designs to wedding colors, we know the difficulty it takes to make your vision a reality. This is never more true than when we create your tablescape! With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we thought we'd give you a few tips on creating the best table for your guests (and give you time to practice at your holiday feast before your big day)!

Below we've gathered a few items to consider when you start working on your design:

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First things first: make sure you know exactly what your venue is providing for your reception. Are they providing all tables and chairs, or will you need to rent them? Do they also provide linens? Be sure to fully understand what options you have to work with before starting out. Gold chivari chairs and white garden chairs have two very different feels, and long farm tables and round dining tables offer not only different dining options but change the vibe your guests will feel as they enter your reception space.

You can also use your venue to help create your theme. Whether you're marrying in a scenic garden or an elegant ballroom, your venue can be a source of inspiration for your table design!

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Level of Elegance

Your tablescape can be a reflection not only of your theme, but of the formality of the event, too! Offering just a plate and cup at the place setting implies that guests will gather their utensils and food at the buffet. However, providing a full set of cutlery for each course and having servers replace plates throughout the meal indicates to your guests there's several courses on the way. Little details like a delicately folded napkin or a simple bundled set of silverware make all the difference and set the tone for the event right when guests sit down.


Time to get on Pinterest! Start looking for pictures and videos of designs you like, colors in your theme, and details you wish to include. You can also search through party rental companies that offer glassware and silverware to see what sparks your interest, and to start getting an idea on how those pieces will fit into your budget. The most important thing with inspiration is to remember it is just that: a starting point to your dream day's design coming true.

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Design and Composition

Here's where the real fun begins! We love incorporating different elements that truly change the effect of the tablescape. Bringing in different textures, like velvet or silk, or even textured glassware or silverware can create an eye catching design. We also love playing with different heights and shapes in the overall design, like high floral centerpieces or wide crystal goblets. The more you work with the little elements of the overall design, the greater impact you can achieve!


It's one of our favorite features of every wedding to see how the couple adds their own personal touch to their wedding day! The tablescape is usually one of the easiest ways for couples to start adding elements of the theme or their personalities into. From unique table numbers to calligraphy nameplates, the options are endless here! When trying to decide on these elements, consider your love story, things to keep guests entertained (like game cards), and your theme to gain inspiration!

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Light It Up

You should always consider lighting when thinking about the effect of your day. Lighting can set the tone for the event, the mood for different parts of the big day (like dining or dancing), and quite literally illuminates all the details you've curated for your wedding.

When it comes to your table design, lighting plays a big part. Small tealights can feel intimate and romantic, wheras tall tapered candles give a more dramatic feel. Really looking for the drama? Consider hanging chandeliers or even fun disco balls for more intrigue!

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Still unsure where to start or how to make your vision come to life? That's where we come in! Contact us today and we can begin making your inspiration a realization!

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