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How to Choose (A Series): Part Eight

Creating a Winter Wonderland

Winter weddings usually come with their own stereotypes: rich, velvety textures of red and green, silver and gold accents all around, and maybe even a snowflake or two. However, when it comes to floral designs, your options can be be surprising. There are a select number of flowers that bloom in the winter weather, but the options are endless when it comes to your full arrangements. Below, we've listed a few of our favorite florals for the holiday season!

Blu Moose Photography


With it's beautiful funnel-shaped blooms, amaryllis comes in beautiful shades of pink and red and are great as a filler or a statement piece!


This may be the perfect winter wedding flower as it closely resembles ranunculus, gardenia, and the ever-popular peony. It comes in various shades and is super popular in southern weddings!


Orchids come in a variety of shapes and sizes and different species, but we're especially fond of the all white type for winter weddings.

MJ Mendoza Photography


These are a favorite of florists and brides. They have a dramatic black center and usually have petals in white or red (perfect for your holiday color scheme)!


Anyone getting married at Christmas time should absolutely consider this gorgouse red floral with it's kusicious green foliage. These are perfect for those couples who want to really lean in to the Christmas theme for their big day!


With it's beautiful swirled pattern, this versatile flower comes in various reds and burgundies and white, and are a favorite of ours for boutonnieres.

Lauren Morris Photography

Star of Bethlehem

The name says it all! These white winter flowers, similar to hyacinth, are splay out in a star shaped pattern and are really beautiful in bridal bouquets.


Similar to the star of Bethlehem, the stephanotis has a star-shaped bloom and adds eye-catching detail to your bouquets and boutonnieres. Stephanotis represents marital harmony and has been referred to as bridal wreath for a reason - it's the perfect, simple flower for a stunning bridal bouquet!

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Working with your florist is the best way to make sure you have beautiful arrangements with in-season flowers that are sure to be perfect on your wedding day.

Still unsure of the right designs for your day? Contact us today to learn how we can help you design the decor of your dreams!

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