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Beat the Summer Wedding Heat

Spring weddings in Virginia are beautiful, but unfortunately the season doesn't last very long. Hotter temperatures start as early as May, and summer wedding season gets into full swing as soon as everyone starts sweating. It can be incredibly hard for guests to stay cool, but with a few of our favorite tips below, you can definitely help your friends and family beat the heat!

Head Indoors

To state the obvious, the easiest way to stay away from the brutal heat outside is to have your wedding at an indoor venue. Guests can enjoy the cool AC, and you definitely want to be indoors if you have a lot of elderly guests or young children attending your wedding, as they can't withstand the heat for very long.

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If you can't book the indoor venue, then consider a tented pavilion for your ceremony and reception. Guests can remained shaded and out of the sun, and many rental and event companies also offer fans to attach inside the tents to get the air flowing even more.

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Fan it Out

One of our favorite ways to keep guests cool at a summer wedding is to incorporate fun favors into the day! Programs shaped like personal fans, or parasols offered during the ceremony are a great way to ensure your guests can remain cool and are an inexpensive option, too!

Ice Cold

Our absolute best tip for outdoor weddings is a no-brainer: hydrate! Providing water stations throughout the venue allows your guests to stay hydrated during the event, and most caterers will provide them for free (especially on very hot days).

Want to turn it up a notch? Offer frozen refreshments! We love adding frozen cocktails to cocktail hour as a fun way for guests to cool down.

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Dress it Down

Outdoor weddings in the summer are no time for a black tie affair. Let guests know ahead of time that the dress code is lighter, so they don't have to worry about keeping cool in full length gowns and dark suits. (Need more ideas on the best attire for outdoor weddings? See our last blog for suggestions!)

Start Late

We've worked with venues before on a late start, and we don't mean running late. We suggest starting a little later in the afternoon to avoid the hottest part of the day when the sun will feel even more brutal on your guests. (Plus: who doesn't love a ceremony during golden hour?) Once the sun sets, things will start to cool off while the party heata up!

There's plenty of ways to beat the heat at your summer wedding, and many ideas aren't hard to incorporate. We suggest working with your venue, too, who may have more ideas specific to your event. Need even more help? Contact us today!

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