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2021 Wedding Trends

Every year we like to create a list of wedding trends for the coming year. Without a question, some wedding trends of 2021 are going to be influenced by the pandemic of 2020, while other trends are saving money for our couples. Here are some of the wedding trends for 2021.

Photography by Kyra Gustwick

Gifts for Guests

Upon arriving, some couples are providing bags or boxes for their wedding guests. This is an alternative to what we recognize as a welcome bag given at a hotel when guests arrive. In these bags or boxes, some of the things guests are provided would be hand sanitizer, mask, soap, programs/details about the day, or other favors.

Photography by Marylee

Outdoor Weddings

As more outdoor weddings are taking place around the world, there is a surge of interest in outdoor wedding ceremonies and receptions. Wedding tents and mood lighting bring a romantic and airy ambience to the space. Even though tented receptions have happened in the past, the pandemic has caused couples to prefer their reception in fresh air to make everyone feel more comfortable. Your planner can work directly with rental companies and/or lighting companies to create your vision on your wedding day.

Photography by Nick Davis Weddings

Small Plates during the Cocktail Hour

A lot of couples are enjoying the look and feel they get with small plates for the cocktail hour. Working with your caterer to provide a certain number of hors d’oeuvres on a beautifully displayed small plate or charcuterie board per person, will give an elegant look and your guests will enjoy the convenience and feel wowed by the presentation.

Photography by Alyse Michelle Images

To-Go Meals

Some couples are opting to having to-go meals after their ceremony instead of having a big reception. This is a creative way to provide food, but also keep the costs down. You can get creative with your caterer on what works best for your to-go meal based on your style and budget.

Photography by Alyse Michelle Images


Lately, we have been seeing couples choosing multiple colors for their wedding and allowing us to create something within the color scheme, but not choosing specific flowers. We have a lot of couples who are choosing to incorporate local flowers into all their floral needs. This will create something that is not only locally sourced, but it will also allow couples to use flowers that are in season in the area. Another trend is repurposing flowers. Re-purposing items throughout the day will save money.

Photography by Paige Stevens Photography

Micro Weddings or Small Intimate Weddings

Since the pandemic, couples are choosing to do smaller weddings of 40 or less guests. Not only does it keep it intimate, but these types of weddings are super affordable for our couples. Couples are opting to have a livestreaming video feed so all their friends and family can watch them get married or even watch their first dance. Couples are enjoying the simplicity and feeling more connected to their guests for a more relaxed wedding day.

Photography by Out of Twig Photo

Seating Areas

When planning your wedding it is important for everyone to have a great time, but make your guests feel like it is a safe environment from the start. Creating seating at the ceremony area for groups of 2 to 4 guests work well. Another way is to have creative seating areas is with living room furniture. These outdoor lounge areas will make your guests feel comfortable and safe while giving them the option to be on the outskirts of your celebration.

Photography by Jon W Miller Photography

Brunch Weddings

We are seeing more and more brunch weddings for couples. Guests can grab a Mimosa or Bloody Mary along with chicken and waffles, omelette stations and other breakfast favorites. It creates an eventful experience with your guests during the day and it costs less than your traditional meals.

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