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Picking the Right Colors for Your Big Day!

As you start to plan your wedding there are so many things that you can’t wait to pick out. Some things, like our venue, dress, food, floral and others can be limited by a budget, but there is one thing that isn’t – your color scheme. When it comes to choosing your color scheme, your imagination can take it where ever you wish! Whether your dream is to have bright pinks and yellows, or more earth tones like browns and blues. Neither is wrong, as it is your big day and your choice. With the limitless options of colors out there, here are some tips on how to narrow down your selection or if you just want some inspiration!

The time of the year that your wedding is set for is a great tool to use when it comes time to choose your color scheme. Typically, each season has colors that are more popular than others due to the flowers that are blooming, or other greenery that is available. Although each season has its colors, don’t be scared to go outside of these spectrum's! For the warmer months, like spring and summer, you normally see a variety of pastels, bright colors, and subtle earth tones. Some hues that are commonly paired during both seasons are bright pinks or greens, soft or vibrant purples, sea colored blues, and even a simple white. These common pairings are credited to the vast amounts of vibrant plants blossoming during the warmer months. During the fall you do see a shift in the colors. Many couples will choose a darker brown, rich red, or copper to resemble the changing of the trees. These colors bring out the natural colors at any outdoor venue during the fall which enhances that crisp fall day feeling. As you shift from fall to the colder winter, many lean towards the clean white with a holly red, evergreens, and maybe a hint of gold or silver to bring together everything. No matter the time of the year, you are able to use any of these colors, but just make sure to contact a florist before setting your mind to make sure they can accommodate you with flowers.

Where are you getting married? Along with the season you choose, your venue is also a key part in which colors to consider for any couples wedding. No matter if you are getting married indoors or outdoors, each place is special in the natural color palette that it possesses. For the indoor venues, make sure to look around at the different accents that in the ceremony space as well as the reception space. You want to note if there are any gold accents in the rooms or what tints may be in the artwork on the wall. This will help to ensure you don’t choose two colors that may clash or choose something that might overwhelm your guest senses. Majority of indoor venues strive to include hues that can fit just about any color, but rather be safe than sorry the day of! For outdoor venues natural colors, it obviously depends on the season. During the warmer months you will have the natural green floral to work with as long as the other beautiful colors from any plants around the area. There are lots of options for you to play around with during the warmer months. As the fall rolls in, you will have the natural orange or red glow to the background. You might see this as limited colors, but this can also be fun to play around with different shades of gold or even a pale yellow!

Make sure to choose colors for you, not because it’s someone else’s favorite. Your wedding day is something that is supposed to showcase you and your spouse! If you are choosing other peoples’ favorites, you aren’t able to make it your day. If you, as a couple, love a simple white and green color scheme, go for it! Or if you want to choose a hot pink and bright yellow scheme then make it happen too. Don’t be scared to be different but also don’t be scared to go with a classic if that’s what you like. The color pairing of navy and blush is many couples’ favorites because the clean look of it. If this is something you are interested in as well then don’t let the frequent use of it stop you either. Bottom line is to make sure that you are both happy in the choice of colors for the wedding. If each couple chooses a color that matches them and their day, then there truly is no wrong color combination.

When choosing your color scheme, make sure it represents you. The right color palettes can really set the mood of the wedding. Let it display your current style – mix solids and floral prints, mix different shades of the same palette and some go over the top and have a rainbow of color! Any goes, so have fun with it!

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