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What to Include in your Personal Vows

Everyone always sees writing their vows for the big day as something that is nerve wracking and difficult, but there is no need to be scared. This is where you are able to profess your love for your partner in front of all your friends and family. After reading these tips and tricks, you won’t be able to stop the ideas from flowing!


Sometimes it can be hard to write everything down because it can become a scrambled mess, but I promise this will help in the end. Start with notes about your relationship. Things like how you met, when you knew you loved them, when you know you wanted to marry them, your favorite memory together, etc. As you start thinking about these big moments, all the little ones will slowly flood in and fill in things even more. If you are able to write all those things down, you can then sift through everything and choose events that mean the most to you and can expand on those moments with your partner.


When writing vows, sometimes couples can forget to add the three important words – I love you. Everyone in attendance knows the love you both share so don’t be afraid to vocalize it. Your wedding is a day about both of you and the love that brings your together, share it with the world!


You may want to focus on only positive things in your vows, but if you want to include your lows don’t be scared too! We all know that every relationship isn’t perfect, so it’s okay to include this if you feel. By including this, it shows that you and your partner know where you have been and how much you have grown together. If you would like to incorporate this but don’t know how to word it, try starting it with, “I knew you would be there for me always when you saw me at my low and…” This way you are not just airing out your dirty laundry, but showing how you have bonded from it.


Throughout the ceremony you are going to make promises, but make them your own. This is the day that you are able to be vulnerable with your spouse, family and friends. Stating your promises to each other out loud will also help hold you both accountable for them. Don’t be scared to speak from your heart with these.

Once you have finalized your vows make sure to go through and make them short but sweet. You want to make them memorable and meaningful without dragging them out. Have your best man/maid of honor read over them and make any edits. Also don’t forget to practice reading your vows. You may feel weird rehearsing them but you will be thankful you did the day of! You will have plenty of nerves and thoughts going through your head the day of, so having practiced your vows will help you feel more confident up at the altar as you read them aloud in front of guests and your spouse. Hopefully these simple tips can give you confidence as you write your vows for your forever person!

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