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Hottest Wedding Trends of 2019

As you start to plan your wedding in the new year, you are probably looking ahead to see what new trends are emerging to incorporate on your special day. You may already have ideas or Pinterest boards filled with your favorites from the past but want to spice it up with something fresh. This year we are seeing the popular wedding trends from the past years, but with a new spin to it. From color schemes, favors, invitations, and decor, Marylee Marmer Events has the top 3 wedding trends for this year.

1. In 2019, we are seeing more and more couples stray away from the traditional color schemes for their weddings. In years past, many have used a primary color supported by a few secondary colors to tie the decor together. Instead, you can mix it up with earthy tones or even pair a couple vibrant colors to make your wedding stand out. Some earthy tones that are popular are shades of tan, orange, green, and blush. These can all be paired together for a simple, yet soft color tone. If you want to go brighter, you could consider using the 2019 Pan-tone color, Coral. This contrasting color could be paired with others alike to give you that unique wedding you’ve always wanted. So, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and go strong colors to make it fun!

2. Over the years, favors for your guests have slowly started to evolve. Most of the time when you think wedding favors, you think of a table filled with the gift that the bride and groom have chosen to send home with you. This year, why not take your favors and turn them into part of your decor? It has become increasingly popular to change the favor table, into something more that adds to your wedding. To incorporate favors into the decor, you can add them as your center pieces on a table, decorations at the ceremony, or even include your party favors as part of the sendoff. Couples are also now choosing to give items that can later be used at home to continue the memories from your big day. The options to incorporate these items are endless so you are able to tailor it to your style and expectations.

3. Acrylics have made a big statement recently in weddings and are becoming more popular. They have started to take over the chalkboard look to create something that is personal and unique to the wedding. This is a detail that can be carried out in multiple parts of your wedding. From the start with your wedding invitations, to the welcome sign at the ceremony, bar menu or table numbers at the reception, and anything else you could want. It is something that is customizable from start to finish. You are able to choose the shape that you want to incorporate into your wedding along with the font and details on it. This is an item that you need to think about carefully though as you are planning. Since the acrylics are see through, you will want to make sure that you have a back drop or color behind it so you and guest are able to read it. If you don’t want a backdrop behind it, then think about having a color incorporated into the piece to make the wording stand out. This is also a great item to add to your wedding as you can save it and put it in your home afterwards for you and your husband to always remember your special day!

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