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Trend Alert: Industrial Wedding Vibes

When you start looking for the perfect theme for your big day, of course the first place you head is Pinterest. When looking for a more "industrial wedding," the possibilities Pinterest has started to provide are endless. But what exactly does "industrial" mean when it comes to weddings?

When you start to look more into industrial themes in terms of your wedding, it's funny how the word "exposed" comes to mind more than once. Exposed brink, exposed light bulbs, exposed pipes & beams; you get the idea. What industrial looks like is really all up to you as the bride and groom, however, popular renditions include all of the above plus geometric shapes, creative greenery, metallics, and yes you guessed it - lots and lots of lights! The important thing to remember is that industrial does not have to be mean overly masculine or dark. Balance is key when it comes to an industrial themed wedding. Lighten up the metal and brick aspects by contrasting with lighter floral displays and plenty of greenery adorning the room. Balance out those exposed Edison bulbs with votives for a softer touch. Incorporate rose gold for a trendy, more feminine look that still incorporates metallic hues.

With an industrial theme, there really isn't anything you CAN'T do. You can still use blush and pastel colors, however, try incorporating them into your florals and flatware. Keep your furniture pieces modern with clean lines - this includes your chairs and tables. You can even use your bridesmaids dresses and groomsmen attire to incorporate your softer colors into the day.

In our opinion, the most fun part about industrial-themed weddings is the opportunity to get truly creative with your planning. Creating or renting a beautifully unique ceremony backdrop will give your guests something to talk about for years to come. Chat with your florist or rental specialist about unique flower vessels such as rose gold bottles or geometric sconces. We have even seen some florals placed in exposed hanging light bulbs! The sky is truly the limit, so find a venue that inspires you and put your imagination to work!

When it comes to industrial wedding venues in the Richmond area, one that stands out to our staff is Tredegar Iron Works. Named for the famous iron works at Tredegar, Wales, Tredegar Iron Works opened in 1837 and became Richmond's foremost business concern for more than a century. Today, Tredegar has been designated as a National Historic Landmark and houses the The American Civil War Museum. Not only is this building full of history and industrial themes, but it also is the perfect location to host your dream wedding. With outdoor scenes and a spacious outdoor tent, this venue is sure to be a perfect combination of Richmond history and industrial themes for your perfect day!

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