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5 Things to Do After Your Wedding

You did it! You are now a officially a married couple and ready to start the rest of your lives together! The first few weeks after your wedding festivities, your big day is still probably all you can think about. You'll want to keep that post-wedding buzz for as long as you can but then before you know it, you have been married for eight months and all your to-do's have added up. Here are some of our must-do to-do's following your big day!

1. Send out thank you notes.

Your family friends traveled from near and far to be with you and your new spouse on your special day, and they probably got you a gift as well. Be sure not to wait too long to complete this oh-so-important task. We suggest you and your partner block out some time on your calendars to take care of this following your honeymoon of course! Splitting up the list of attendees makes it quick and easy to finish this task as a new couple.

2. Order your wedding album.

After you've blown up your followers Facebook timelines with digital images from your big day, you might forget to create a physical album. Schedule a date with your new spouse to sit down to pick out your favorite pictures together and order your album. This is especially important to remember to-do if the album is included in your photography package and will be such a great keepsake for years to come.

3. Review your vendors.

Your wedding vendors worked tirelessly to make sure your day was as magical and special as you could have ever imagined. Be sure to return the favor by posting a great review on their Facebook pages, Yelp, and wedding boards such as Wedding Wire and The Knot. It is a great and easy way to express your gratitude and help your vendors grow their businesses. And don't just do it for them, do it so other couples can discover your amazing caterers or your fabulous florist.

4. Do something with all your wedding decor.

There are a ton of little things that come together to make your big day look possible, but after you tie the knot, what are you suppose to do with it all!? If you find that 20 glitter-covered vases and 15 vintage lanterns are making themselves at home in your guest bedroom, do yourself a favor and find them a new home! You could sell the items to other couples planning a wedding (try eBay or Facebook Marketplace), put together a garage sale, find a way to revamp them and work them into your home decor, donate them, or at the very least, toss them out! You will feel so relieved once you have de-cluttered. Because let's face it, who REALLY needs 100 tiny frames laying around?

5. Legally change your name.

If you are planning to that is! Changing your name on Facebook and Instagram is the easy part, but you also need to make time to get it done LEGALLY. Take an hour or so to collect the necessary documents (passport, social security card, driver's license) and start to check items off your list. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that you'll create more headaches for yourself. Commit to your name change early on to make your transition into married life much smoother!

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