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7 Summer Wedding Tips

Now a days, summer weddings are becoming less and less common because of those long, hot days! While some prefer the cool fall months of October or November, some prefer the summer months of June for their big day! While summer time does bring some great natural beauty to your wedding, it may also bring with it some challenges that not everyone may think of. Whether you're planning your own wedding or helping a friend plan their special day, here are some of our favorite tips for ensuring you have the best time possible during your summer wedding!

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1. Send Save the Dates Early

Summer is prime vacation time, especially when it comes to families with school-age children. So while it is typical for couples to send save the dates around six months before the wedding, we recommend sending them out a little sooner for summer weddings. That way your guests can make their calendars early and plan their vacations accordingly!

2. Provide Heat Relief

One of the easiest ways to keep your guests cool is to find a venue with an abundant amount of natural shade or an indoor/outdoor combo venue so guests can retreat inside for some air conditioning as necessary. Depending on the theme and formality of your wedding, consider providing your guests with fans. You can even go as far as providing sunglasses, fans or hats for your guests as party favors!

3. Stay Hydrated

Be sure to provide guests with ample opportunities to hydrate during your summer wedding by scattering decorative ice buckets or baskets filled with water bottles near the ceremony site, as well as reception area. Once the dancing begins, your guests will be thanking you for those extra waters, trust us!

4. Protection from Sun and Bugs

Along with keeping your guests cool, make sure they don't get sunburned if they will be out in the sun for awhile. Put together a cute basket with sunscreen for normal skin, as well as some options for the kids in attendance. Consider providing some bug spray as well, especially once the sun goes down and the pests come out to play!

5. Be Kind with the Dress Code

You should feel comfortable and confident on your big day - not hot and sticky. For brides, choose a wedding dress made of a lighter fabric such as silk, giving you more breathing room. Grooms will look dapper in a more fair-toned suit (think beige or light gray), a crisp linen suit, or a more causal beach look with khakis and a button down.

6. Serve Light Foods and Desserts

Heat and heavy food just do not mix! Don't weigh your guests down with a heavy menu - instead opt for some grilled entrees, light salads, and local, fresh produce! Fresh fruit skewers make for great appetizers while a refreshing frozen cocktail or popsicle would be a nice treat at the end of the evening to cool down.

7. Late Afternoon Ceremony

With the sun at its strongest point, sweltering guests might not appreciate an outdoor wedding during midday. Shoot for a late afternoon or an early evening start time instead! The ideal plan is to shoot for a sunset dinner and then work the rest of the evening around this timing. That way you are also guaranteed to have the ideal lighting for your photos!

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