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Fun Guest Book Ideas

A traditional guest book is perfectly fine, but don’t you want your wedding to “wow” people? It’s a cool feeling to have people remember certain aspects of your wedding only because they were original and they hadn’t seen them before. Plus, there are TONS of simple, budget friendly alternatives to a book and a pen.

A globe – This is a great one for the wanderlust-ing travelers. A lot of times you can find a globe either in a yard sale or if you ask around, I’ll bet you can find a family member or friend with one that they don’t want anymore. If not, check sites like Etsy or World Market for artsy globe options and Amazon or Wal-Mart for more traditional ones. Either way, you can keep it as is and have people sign with sharpies or paint pens or you can paint over the globe in any color you wish to just maintain the shape of it.

Photo: Mike Staff Productions

Wine bottle – All you need is multiple small or one large dark-colored empty wine bottle with the labels removed (an excuse to drink your favorite vino with your bridesmaids leading up to your big day) and a few gold paint pens. You could wrap the bottle necks in string to add some flare. After the wedding, you will have a cool décor piece for your new home together. Even go the next step and fill them with string lights. Bonus idea: save the bottle to drink on your first anniversary.

Photo: Style Me Pretty

A ceramic vase / bowl / platter – The steps to do this are going to depend on what exact vase / bowl / platter that you use. If you choose a simple, ceramic piece from Wal-Mart or Target, for example, then you can have your guests sign in sharpie then bake the piece after the wedding to set it. If you choose a hand-made, artisanal piece then you could have your guests sign in a paint pen and then either leave it at that or cover it with a sealant like Mod-Podge.

Photo: Wedding Bells

Puzzle pieces – Such a fun idea! Choose a puzzle with pieces that are at least 1.5-2 inches so that people have room to sign. You could even go online to places like Shutterfly to make a custom puzzle with the couples picture. Then have guests sign the back (or front, it’s up to you depending on the puzzle chosen) of each piece and then you will have a cute activity that you and your new spouse can do together to reminisce about your big day. Also, if you have guests sign a blank puzzle piece then you can assemble the puzzle and frame it.

Photo: DuJour

Jenga pieces – Along the same lines as the Puzzle pieces, have your guests sign a Jenga piece to have a fun way to look back at your wedding.

Photo: Wedding Chicks

Furniture – This obviously doesn’t have to be a formal dining room table, although it could if you want it to. Just have your handy fiancé, a carpenter friend, or yourself make a small, simple wooden side table or stool or bench and use a light stain. If you are pressed for time or not super handy with a hammer then you could always just buy the furniture piece from places like Hobby Lobby, Home Goods or At Home. Then just have your guests sign in a sharpie and coat the table with a sealant after the wedding. This option leaves the opportunity for your guests to write a little note if they want to.

Photo: Wedding Reception Ideas

Big tree slice – Along the same lines as the table idea above, have a large tree slice cut about 1-2 inches thick and have your guests sign in a sharpie or paint pen. Then you can hang it on your wall post-wedding.

Photo: Wedding Wire

Traditional guest book with Polaroids – This one is pretty self-explanatory, if you are set on having a traditional book-style guest book, at least make it fun by supplying a Polaroid camera to have people take a selfie and put it next to their note in your book.

Photo: Oh Best Day Ever

Long story short, try something new! Make your guestbook an actual keepsake to enjoy for years to come. Below are some other great ideas for you to check out!

Photo: Weddings Online

Photo: Wedding Chicks

Photo: Wedding Wire

Photo: Elegant Wedding Invites

Photo: Oh Best Day Ever

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