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Outdoor Wedding Tips!

Are you having an outdoor ceremony and/or reception? If so, keep reading. Outdoor weddings are becoming more and more common; they make for beautiful pictures, especially for people who are not as religious as others. Most people host their outdoor ceremonies in spring and fall for obvious reasons, the beautiful and temperate weather. However, hot weather and cold weather outdoor ceremonies still exist, and I have compiled a list of additions that can make both of those more enjoyable.

This is from a wedding we did this past August! Photo: Megan Garrison Photography

Hot weather – Hand fans are almost a must in the dead of summer, stagnant heat will make almost anyone resent being outside. Make them interesting by getting your program printed on the fan so people can not only be cooling off but also have something to read. Another idea would be to get facts about the couple or trivia questions printed on the fans instead of the program, or alongside the program.

Photo: Borrowed and Blue

Bug spray is another obvious one if you are getting married in a woodsy area. Make it fun by adding a sign saying “Be smitten, not bitten” with the bug spray. (Stay tuned for another upcoming blog post all about cute and clever wedding signage!) Alongside the bug spray, have some sunscreen in cute glass hand soap bottles to make it more wedding appropriate. Inexpensive, wholesale, bulk sunglasses or baseball caps are another great option that are customizable and could double as a favor. Cute sign idea: “Be blinded by our love, not the sun.” Having a bucket of iced down water bottles never hurt anyone! If it is sweltering outside, you could have some cooling face mists or wet face towelettes. People will thank you.

Photo: Wedding O Mania

Photo: Craft Gossip

Photo: The Frosted Petticoat

Cold Weather – Baskets of rolled up blankets or inexpensive gloves are a cute and appreciated addition to any cold weather outdoor ceremony. Also, two cute sign alerts: “To have and to hold in case you get cold” or “Cold hands, warm hearts.” (Pro tip, any leftover blankets can be donated to the SPCA or any other animal shelter, they can use them in the dog’s cages). Also to keep people warm, have a basket of those instant hand warmers that hikers use. Some warm drinks would be a great inclusion – examples are hot chocolate bar, mulled wine station, apple cider station. Space heaters are an obvious one if it's really really cold.

Photo: Wedding Wire

Photo: Stonewood Rentals and Events

Don’t be afraid of super hot or super cold weather! Even a spring or fall wedding can have unexpectedly hot or cold weather. With a little brainstorming, you can make any time of the year comfortable.

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