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All about wedding favors!

This is something that I have thought a lot about over the years, and I’m not even sure exactly why. I have developed a theory about wedding favors, allow me to explain. Not to be harsh, but most people don’t care too much for random ‘chachkies’ with your name and date on them, sorry. Because of this, I have come to the conclusion that edible party favors are the best way to go. People will appreciate a snack as they are heading home after a long night of dancing, celebrating and working up another appetite.

Keep in mind that edible favors should be shelf sustainable for a couple of days. No one wants a melted cupcake to-go unless you have an on-site vendor providing the parting favors such as a soft pretzel station or a pie slice packaging station. Some good shelf sustainable options that are easy to display on a table close to the exit include little bags of artisanal popcorn, small boxes of two small truffles or cake pops, baggies of candied nuts, boxes of macaroons, packages of chocolate dipped pretzels or the even trendier chocolate dipped potato chips.

Photo by: Hi Miss Puff

Sunglasses and koozies are fun but definitely not original, therefore I have come up with some non-edible ideas as well. You want these items to be practical, and if they eventually get consumed then that is a bonus because not a lot of people want excessive trinkets hanging around their house. For example, little jars of honey / jam / jelly / homemade Nutella / loose tea are good options for favors that are edible and will eventually be consumed but aren’t necessarily snacks to eat on the car ride home, if you know what I mean. Another consumable item could be a candle or a nice bar of soap. These are things people could use up and not have hanging around. Another idea of something that will eventually be used up would be a small packet of bird seeds or flower seeds, or even a small potted plant that doubles as the seating assignment card - are you sensing a trend here?

Photo by: Here Comes The Bling

If you still wanted to have a favor that people can keep until the end of time, at least make sure it’s something fun that the don’t already have a set of, like cups. I don’t recommend having cups as your wedding favor for people to take home, most people won’t use them and I know at least at my house, we have a complete set of matching cups and I don’t want one straggler cup that doesn’t match the rest, but maybe that’s just me. Instead, a bottle opener could be a cool idea. Everyone can use one of these and it’s not something that most people will necessarily care about having someone else’s name and wedding date on. A little cheese spreader knife is another good idea that is along the same lines. Even a deck of personalized playing cards is a fun idea.

Photo by: Beau-Coup

Your favor can be offered at the end of the night or even as part of the wedding décor in the form of seating assignments (stay tuned for future post on creative seating cards!). Either way, I hope I have been able to impart my wedding favor theory on you and hopefully inspired a fun idea for you to use for your special day.

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